Madalyn’s Top 10 Fave Twitter Peeps

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a big Twitter fan. I was an early adopter, on it before any of my friends. Twitter is an amazing tool to stay informed, connected and engaged. I was reporting on Twitter live from the ASCAP Expo back in 2008 when most people had not heard or knew what Twitter was. I did generate a buzz with my live, real-time micro-blogging. Back then only a handful were following my reports from the Expo. But it was cool.  Soon after that the Twitter craze took off and others saw how they could use it to benefit their band, brand or business. So today I thought I would share who I listen to on Twitter. Who engages me. Who keeps me informed. It’s a group of people in the music biz that I follow throughout the day and I wanted to share it with you. My top 10. They are in no particular order. I highly recommend you follow them all.

Michael Brandvold @michaelsb
Sausalito, CA
Music marketing speaker based in California expert in online & social marketing, ecommerce, fan acquisition & retention. Founder of Michael Brandvold Marketing.

Danny Dee @DannyDee
Silicon Valley, CA
Topspin certified urban music consultant specializing in Direct-to-Fan MKTG, MGMT, Distribution & Monetization Strategies. Former Clear Channel douchebag

Stephen Trumbull @musicregistry
Los Angeles / Granville (OH)
We publish Music Industry Contact Directories for the US, UK & Canada. Musician, Music Industry Publisher, Choral Conductor, Singer @ReverbNation
New York, NY + Durham, NC
ReverbNation is a social network/suite of DIY marketing tools for more than 1 Million Artists/Bands, Labels, Managers, Venues, Festivals.

hypebot @hypebot
Roanoke, VA new music business.

Plugola @plugola
Big Chicago
PLUGOLA is a social music community and digital marketplace, for independent musicians AND their fans. – Updated by @ChicagoE

Pete Cashmore @mashable
Breaking social media, tech and digital news and analysis from, the top resource and guide for all things web. Updates from @mashable staff.

Greg Rollett @gregrollett
Orlando, FL
CEO @ Radically Ambitious, an Internet Marketing and Lifestyle Creation company. Working with musicians, authors and entrepreneurs to build New Rich businesses. @MicControl
Boston, MA
A music blogging community. We bridge the gap between musicians and music bloggers. Join us and showcase your work to a highly engaged community.

Music Nomad @Music_Nomad
United States
Thousands of researched, reviewed and ranked musician resources in 30 plus categories. Musician tips, articles & discounts. We are Musician Advocates!

I hope find my Top 10 List useful. Feel free to comment your Twitter info so I can check you out and follow you too!