Adding Twitter One-Click Follow Button To Your Website

If you’re not a techie, don’t worry. That is why I’m here, to show you how to do cool sh*t. Yesterday we saw announcements that Twitter launched its cool “One-Click” button that you can now add to your website, blog, etc. I’m going to break it down and show you how to add this to your site. It’s very simple.

Click here for Twitter’s Resources page where you can grab the HTML code for your own button.

For User Name, put in your Twitter screen name without the @. Select the background to be either light or dark. You can elect to show follow count or not. I have a lot of followers so of course I checked “Yes”.  You can always start off with “No” and change it later. On the right you can preview your Twitter button. If it looks good, copy and paste the HTML code onto your website.

Here’s what it looks like on my blog site. See highlighted area.

Here it is up close.

As you can see, I also have the Facebook “Like” button right below it. To grab that code, log into your Facebook and head over to your Facebook (fan) Page. Click on “Edit Page” then go to “Marketing”. You’ll see “Add a Like Box to your Website”.

If you need additional help with this, get in touch. I can walk you through it in greater detail. And if you need assistance getting these buttons added to your website, please let me know. I’m here to help you! Think of me as the affordable techie on your team.

And if you’re not following me on Twitter, please do so!