Stand Out Using Facebook Notes

Are you engaging your friends and followers on Facebook? Probably not enough. These days you have to always be in engagement mode. You cannot simply post something static or bland like. “Hey, buy my shi*t!!” Well, you can but you won’t get far. You must be creative. If you’re not, start learning so you won’t get left behind.

I love Facebook. I will admit it. It’s a great resource we all have at our fingertips to get our messages out. It’s an amazing engagement tool. Are you utilizing it to its fullest potential? Probably not. There are so many aspects to Facebook and I find that some are greatly underutilized. One that we’ll talk about today is Facebook Notes.

You can post a Note, which is really just an article or piece of information, then tag relevant Facebook friends and Facebook (fan/biz) Pages to it. It’s a great way to get something viral on Facebook.

Here’s an example of one I posted recently: GoGirls Interview with G.U.T.S.

Here’s what I love. This Note shows up on my personal Facebook Wall as well as those I tag. I tagged one of the band members I’m friends with on Facebook as well as the band and GoGirls.

Note: DO NOT tag non-relevant people or Pages in your Notes. It’s spammy, will make you look bad and will piss people off.

How do you write a Note? Easy. Just head to your personal Facebook profile and click on Notes.

Next, you’ll see Write a Note in the upper right hand side of your page. Click on that and follow the steps.

This is my Facebook Quick Tip for today. Try it out and let me know what you think. I’m eager to hear about your results!

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