Helping Clients Become Social Media Rockstars

I’m thrilled to announce that my fave software company, TechSmith, has featured me in their latest newsletter. And here is how it happened… over the summer I finally upgraded my Camtasia Studio 6 to Camtasia Studio 7. And whoa, what an upgrade filled with super awesome features! And in case you don’t know what Camtasia is, it’s the best video screen capture software out on the market. I’ve been using it for years to make informative “How To” videos that I post on YouTube, sell online in my account (through TechSmith) and that I email to clients when I want to show them cool stuff on-the-fly. When I upgraded, I not only purchased the download but also a hardcopy because that’s how this techie girl rolls. So what I did was have my summer intern take a photo of me holding the software box while standing under my Social Networks for Musicians banner. Yeah I know… smart! I then tweeted it all over and mentioned TechSmith. Yeah I know… super smart! This is how you get attention on Twitter. The fine folks at TechSmith retweeted my post. Then a few months later contacted me about being featured in their newsletter. Excited I was!

The newsletter feature is called, “User Story: Helping Clients Become Social Media Rockstars.” Enjoy!