Let’s Consult!

I get asked all the time, “What all do you do, Madalyn?” Well, I do a lot! [see photo: I’m hosting a social media workshop at the Dewey Beach Music Conference]. Most people know me as the founder and fearless leader of GoGirlsMusic.com. I’m excited to say we are just a month away from turning 16. Amazing! I’m also a music biz coach, helping independent musicians in various stages of their music career. I work with artists, brainstorming new ideas and helping them focus on taking their music career to new heights. I’m vastly known as a social media “know-it-all” (see my blog), working with all business types (not just musicians) who are in need of help and support when it comes to setting up and managing their social network sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, ReverbNation, etc. I regularly speak on social media panels and conduct workshops, teleseminars and webinars. I recently volunteered my time and expertise at the LinkedIn booth during the day long Texas Conference for Women. LinkedIn, the largest professional network site, asked several local female social media experts to be on hand to educate conference attendees on improving their LinkedIn profile. [Side Note: if we are not connected on LI, click here to add me to your network.]

Of all the things I do, my biggest joy comes from educating. I love helping people better understand and maximize their online presence. As an early adopter to new technologies and expansive internet marketing experience, my ear is always to the ground, gauging and navigating the best course for my clients. This is where you come in. Let’s Consult! I’m here to help. We are fast approaching the end of the year so now is the best time to make plans and set goals for 2012.

The best way to reach me is through email at madalynsklar@gmail.com or Twitter, http://twitter.com/madalynsklar.