I’m Starting Twitter Anonymous. C’mon… Who’s In?

OMG is it just me or does it suck when Twitter is down? I say it’s time to start a support group for those of us (go on, raise your hand) that need some help. Yes, we rely too heavily on social media sites that we cannot control nor that we own. On days like today when Twitter is down for more than a mere moment, it becomes a strong reminder on the importance of our own dot com, blog and mailing list. We have control over that. I remember years back when some bands ditched their dot com in favor of Myspace as their website. I’m not knocking social media sites in any way. I love my presence on all of them. My point is I think sometimes we forget how much it consumes us and how little control we have over it.

Okay… as you were. And let’s start up a chapter of Twitter Anonymous.