Be Attentive On Your Social Networks. It Will Pay Off!

It’s important for you to pay close attention to your fans. Why? Because people love to compliment and they also like to complain and say crap. They do it publicly all over Facebook and Twitter. Compliments deserve your prompt, gracious reply. And any negativity that gets thrown your way should be dealt with immediately, nipped in the bud. Don’t let it escalate.

How to best handle your attentiveness?

1. Monitor your sites, especially your blog, Facebook and Twitter. Set it up for email and/or text notifications so you can keep up with the chatter. Be equipped to respond on your smartphone or iPad at any given time, wherever your are.

2. Respond, respond respond! The quicker, the better. Whether it’s positive or negative talk, reply as soon as possible. It will impress them every time.

3. Resolve, Fix, Advise. People turn to Facebook and Twitter for help, advice and at times to bash. If you are the subject of a bashing, do what you can to resolve it quickly. If someone is looking to you for advice, show it off. Timeliness is key. It gives a lasting impression and makes you unforgettable.

In the “right now, this minute” world of social media, it pays to be attentive. When you get into the timely game, you’ll be amazed at the results and the way people will talk about you and your professionalism.