#TwitterTip from Ann Tran

Last week I blogged an article,  Be Attention Grabbing On Twitter, that discusses ways to stand out on the social media giant. When you grab attention, you gain new followers. I love following and reading Ann Tran’s tweets because she does an incredible job of standing out among the masses. She provides great, useful tips and shares so much intelligent information. And I love the motivational quotes too.

Ann’s tip for today:

“Be generous with your Re-tweets and in time you will be noticed.”

This is so very true! I Retweet a lot and have found it to be a great way to get on people’s radar.

Here is one of Ann’s tweets that I Retweeted last night:

If you’re not Retweeting regularly, start now. Social Media sites work best when information is shared. So take notice of Ann’s tips and tweets. Retweet her when something grabs you and see what flourishes from there!