The Power of Twitter Exposure

The Power of Twitter Exposure

One powerful way to gain exposure on Twitter is having a high profile person or company reply or retweet your post. Don’t be afraid to say positive or negative things about products and services you use. But be sure to get their attention by placing their @twitter-name in your tweet.

Here is an example of one I did over the weekend. I tried a new product that worked great. I wanted to share this with my followers and let this company know what I thought of it. Of course I don’t expect a response because having expectations will ruin it for you. Employ the mindset of not getting a response so when/if you do, it will be a nice warm surprise.

Surprisingly this post got @ClairolColor‘s attention and they responded with a comment in their retweet. They have 13K followers so this provided great exposure to me.

Tip: Don’t focus too much time and energy on posts solely to get attention.

If you spend too much time on this or have high expectations, you could set yourself up for disappointment. But don’t be afraid to post your positive or negative comment about a service or product. Last December I had a problem with UPS and in my anger I turned to Twitter to unleash my dissatisfaction with them. I made sure to use @UPS in my post and it did get their attention with a reply back to me. In the end they did not resolve my issue but my post helped me gain additional exposure to their large number of followers.

Earlier this week I tweeted about my busy day and used hashtags which caught the attention of one of the companies. I actually meant to use their @twitter-name and accidentally used  a hashtag. It still worked. They retweeted it. That puts me in front of their followers. Win/win!

One of my favorite social media gurus and motivator is @anntran_. I love reading and retweeting her posts. She has retweeted me back on several occasions. And about a month ago she liked one of my articles (Pinterest: Virtual Pinboard Website) enough to tweet it, mentioning me in her post. That right there was the power of Twitter exposure! Because she has 278K followers, I gained lots of new followers in an instant.

Tip: Rethink your Twitter strategy to include regular tweets that have the @twitter-name of who or what you are talking about. Make it a habit. You’ll be amazed at your results. But remember, don’t place expectations. Do it regularly. Consistency is key.