Don’t Miss Updates From Facebook Pages

Facebook has become quite frustrating. You go “Like” a Facebook Page but unless you go to the page regularly, you will miss the posts. On the flipside, most of your Facebook fans are missing YOUR posts.


If you want more of your fans to see your posts, Facebook wants you to pay for it with Promoted Posts. The best way around this is to get your fans to go to your page and click “Get Notifications” and “Show in News Feed.” If they will take a moment to do this, they will get notified every time you post and it will show up in their feed.

From your smartphone you can get notifications from your favorite FB Pages. Just tap on “Liked” then “Get Notifications” and “Show in News Feed.”

I strongly suggest you post these super easy instructions to your friends and fans on Facebook. Post this on your personal profile as well as your Page. Spread the word. I’m finding a lot of people don’t know about this simple task. Your Page will get more exposure.

Here’s what you do:

1. Click  here (it’s the post about this on my Social Networks for Musicians FB Page) and click on “share.”
2. Tell your friends and fans to follow these easy steps so they won’t miss your posts.
3. That’s it! So easy.

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