The Brand New Buffer Rocks

I’m a Tweet Head. Oh yes I am! I tweet a lot. Go see for yourself at @MadalynSklar. Do I need a self-help group? Nah. But I will tell you what helps my obsession to tweet. It’s a supreme, brilliant service called Buffer. Ta Da! Now you can become a Tweet Head too!

I’ve been using this free service for awhile now and just recently upgraded to their $10/month Awesome Plan. I have found it to be very useful in helping me ” work smarter not harder.” What is Buffer you ask? It’s a web site and iPhone app that allows you to very easily share posts to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by spacing them out over the course of the day (or even longer). While I’ve been advocating Hootsuite’s scheduled posts feature for years, I am finding Buffer to be a better, more relevant solution for me and my needs. I prefer using Buffer just for my tweets because studies show that Facebook posts from third party sites do not yield great results. I have found this to be true from my experience. I didn’t want to believe it but my stats say so. I will occasionally place something in Buffer for my Social Networks for Musicians Facebook Page but most times I will post to FB manually. Try Buffer and find what works for you.

My fave new features:

Shuffle Option – hit the shuffle button to mix up your posts using Buffer’s algorithm or what I refer to as their “secret sauce.” I love this! I have one client where I’ll go through and buffer lots of similar tweets. Once done, I’ll go back and manually reorder. No more! Now I can simply hit the shuffle button. Thank you Buffer!

Stream – the Buffer stream looks way cooler and more streamlined. I dig it!

Better Analytics – who doesn’t like better stats? I just love the bright green “top tweet” button that lets me know which tweets generated a lot of clicks. And while viewing your stats you can easily drop and drag posts from social network to another. So when I see a tweet that did well, I can drag it over to my Facebook. Sweet!

I have to say I’m quite impressed with Buffer. These are really good updates. Be sure to read The Complete Guide to the Brand New Buffer Web App and How to get the most out of the new Buffer iPhone app on  the Buffer Blog.

So are you using Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck? I’ve love to know what works for you. What is making you work smarter not harder? Hit me up.