Women Lead Men in Social Media Adoption

Interesting stats came across my desk today that show women leading the men when it comes to adopting social media. And no surprise women are still crushing it on Pinterest.

Women Lead Me in Social Media Adoption

Women Lead Me in Social Media Adoption

Chart courtesy of Statista

According to a March 2013 survey conducted by Burst Media, 65.4 percent of American adults have at least one social media account for personal use, with women being more likely than men to have an account with six of the Top 7 social networks. Especially visual services such as Pinterest and Instagram appeal more to women, whereas LinkedIn, a network predominantly used for professional reasons, is the only network that sees higher adoption among men.

Not surprisingly, the survey reveals Facebook as the most popular networking service. More than half of all respondents stated to have an account with the world’s largest social network. Meanwhile Google+, a service launched just three years ago, has established itself as the No.2 network in the United States. One quarter of the survey respondents have an account with Google’s Facebook rival, which continues to fight its image as a deserted wasteland.

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