Why Instagram? 5 Tips That Will Make You Stand Out [Podcast Ep. 1]

Welcome to my Work Smarter Not Harder Podcast, Episode #1I’m so thrilled to finally jump onto the podcast bandwagon to bring you good, relevant information, tips, tricks and advice. I have over 17 years of internet marketing experience so I’m eager to use this format to share lots of good stuff with you. If you’re not familiar with me, I’m the fearless leader at GoGirlsMusic.com which is the oldest & largest online community of independent women in music. I’m also a music business coach and consultant, a social media junkie –> see my Twitter, long time blogger and now a podcaster. I encourage your feedback. Please feel free to post a comment below.

In this episode I cover:

  • The importance of your Instagram bio and having it explain who you are and what you do.
  • Having great, stand out images that will grab attention. Post your every day life in addition to your business or music world.
  • How to properly use hashtags. I give out some cool tricks that will get you noticed.
  • Advice on tagging people and brands and why it makes a such a big difference.
  • Engagement is key. Social media success happens when it’s a two-way street. (Click to tweet)
  • Pinterest vs Instagram. What’s the difference between these two sites?

Items Mentioned In This Episode:

Examples Mentioned In Podcast:

Hashtags in your caption (can look cluttered):
You can post hashtags in your caption but it’s best if you don’t overload them here.

Hashtags in your caption (can look cluttered)

Hashtags outside your caption in the comment (less cluttered):
If you’d like to post a bunch of hashtags, it’s better to do so separately in a comment not your caption.

Hashtags outside your caption in the comment (less cluttered)

Tagging a brand to grab their attention:
Search for brands first to check and see if they are on Instagram, then you can easily tag them in your photos.

Tagging a brand to grab their attention

Using Pinterest to bookmark a site:
When I come across something I want to easily refer back to, I use Pinterest. In this example I’m saving a recipe.
Pinterest example

Thank You’s:

Spiralfire for the awesome intro/outtro music.
Lauren Adams at VoiceLA Productions for the intro/outtro voiceover.
Cindy Pruitt at Smiley Face Records for recording this episode.
Amy Campbell for the awesome artwork.