Folking It Up at NERFA, Rockin’ NYC & Teaching Social Media

Hanging at NERFA with Laura Marie & Janet RobinLast month I journeyed on a whirlwind trip to New York City and Kerhonkson, NY for events and the NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) Conference.

Here’s a recap:

My travels started by meeting up with my trusty sidekick, singer/songwriter Laura Marie. She and I have traveled together to music conferences in the past. She is a Go-Getter GoGirl, amazing musician, and smart businesswoman. For me, it’s always a joy to travel with someone like this. We met up at LaGuardia airport (she coming in from San Antonio and me from Houston) and cabbed our way to the Lower East Side for the *ReW & WhO?* show at Otto’s Shrunken Head. It’s a cool, funky bar I’ve been to several times for both GoGirls shows and ReW’s show. Today I was to be the guest co-host – what Rew refers to as the “WhO”.

I had a great time sitting in with ReW as she swiftly interviews person after person after person, giving them their 15 minutes of “Andy Warhol” fame. She interviewed me on the show back in June but this time around I was in the co-host seat. I was in such awe of ReW’s spunky and cuteness during the show. I’ve known her for a very long time. She’s been a dedicated fixture in the NYC GoGirls community.

From there a group of us ventured over to my favorite Pizza place in all or NYC – Luzzo’s. It just happened to be in walking distance. And in case you’re curious, it’s located at 211 1st Ave. Amazing pizza!! We held an awesome GoGirls Meet Up there. When I travel, I love to grab our local GoGirls Elite members together so we can meet, hang out, chat, network and in this process everyone gets to know each other. I love being the gatherer of the clan.

The next day Laura and I rented a car with our sights on Kerhonkson, NY for the annual NERFA conference. We had to get there pronto because we were giving a social media workshop that afternoon. No pressure!

I love music conferences. It’s incredibly awesome to meet and hang out with like-minded people from all over the country, and around the world. There is something magical about meeting people online then meeting them face-to-face. One of the first ones I ran into at NERFA was singer/songwriter Matt Harlan from none other than Houston, TX – my hometown! Funny how I’ve known of him for years but have not met him in person. Here I am, halfway across the country, and I run into Matt. Same thing happens annually with Brian Kalinec. He’s another hometown hero from Houston that I have a habit of seeing at music conferences in other states but not in my own backyard.

Now that I’m at NERFA, I’m on a mission. Well several missions – teaching social media every day to conference registrants (4 panels/workshops to be exact!), running showcases for our GoGirls Elite members and running the GoGirls booth. Whew! I know, it’s a lot and I am Super Woman. Hear me roar! And on top of that I have my weekly GoGirls Twitter Chat (#ggchat) to run. Fun! My biggest goal while there was to teach people how to use Twitter. I had been asked by the NERFA “powers that be” to show everyone how to tweet and use hashtags. I had just wrapped up a month long online Twitter course and was ready to pass along my wealth of knowledge to the eager crowd.

Here’s what my insane schedule looked like:

Special Intensive Workshop: Intro to Social Media
GoGirls Twitter Chat “Live” from my hotel room
GoGirls Showcase

Panel: Website Diagnostics : How User Friendly Is Your Website?
GoGirls Tradeshow Booth
GoGirls Showcase

Panel: Marketing Through Social Media
GoGirls Tradeshow Booth
GoGirls Showcase

Panel: Advanced Social Media: Building Careers, Building Brands, Building Presence

I could continue this novel, but instead I’ll let the photos below paint the picture for you. NERFA was four days and three nights of amazing music, beautiful connections, and sleepless nights. Cheers to everyone who attended! I’ll see you next year.

Also below are photos and videos from my trip to NYC. Enjoy!

Photos by Madalyn Sklar – see more on the GoGirls Instagram (photos & videos)

NYC Working the GoGirls booth at NERFA Laura Marie GoGirls Showcase at NERFA GoGirls showcase GoGirls showcase GoGirls showcase GoGirls showcase GoGirls showcase

Photos by ReW

In NYC for the ReW & WhO show In NYC for the ReW & WhO show In NYC for the ReW & WhO show In NYC for the ReW & WhO show

Video by ReW

Photos by Amy J. Putnam

Me conducting a Social Media Workshop at NERFA Me moderating an Advanced Social Media panel at NERFA Me moderating the Social Media Marketing panel at NERFA Me teaching Twitter at NERFA NERFA lobby jams at 4am NERFA hotel lobby jams That would be me Tweeting & Instagraming during the GoGirls showcase.

Photos by Neale Eckstein

NERFA12 NERFA lobby GoGirls showcase room at NERFA GoGirls showcase room at NERFA NERFA lobby NERFA lobby