#TwitterSmarter Case Study with Musician/Blogger Martina Fasano

#TwitterSmarter Case Study Webinar

It all started with a free webinar I hosted back in December.

I knew Martina Fasano, a musician/music blogger, from the GoGirls Twitter chat (#ggchat). She’s a regular on there, always friendly and eager to share valuable information. 

She stood out to me because she was more than a musician. She was a rock music blogger with a cool Twitter profile image. [Note: the image she has on there now is ever cooler!]

#TwitterSmarter Online ClassMartina recently took my #TwitterSmarter online class. She zipped through the 4 modules in less than a week. What impressed me is that she went right to work. She followed my instructions, did the daily homework and saw results. Amazing results. She learned how to streamline her content and in this process she increased her followers. And the best part, she got the attention of the people she sought out – the editors of music publications.

I’m going to let her explain this in her own words. I hope you enjoy this case study and I hope it inspires you.

“Remember, nothing will happen unless you put what you learn into action. (click to tweet)
If you 
follow what I teach, you will get results.” ~Madalyn Sklar

From Martina Fasano:

Martina FasanoI stumbled upon the GoGirls community some time ago on Twitter. I have to admit, I was not a very avid Twitter user. I simply followed some of my favorite rock stars and used to browse through my Twitter feed and check out what they had to say. I had no idea about how powerful a connection you could make on this social media platform because for the most part, I had never tried to connect with anyone for any purpose. I was what I like to call a passive user of Twitter.

I started to realize the importance of Twitter once I started my blog in June of 2013. I noticed that a lot of sites, PR reps, and bands had Twitter accounts and would “follow” me once I did a story on them or asked about a product. This got me thinking that if I could increase the number of people that followed me, I could increase traffic to my blog, and vice versa. Problem: aside from randomly adding people to follow, I had no real sense of how to go about extending this network of mine.

That’s where the name Madalyn Sklar comes in. I got to read some of Madalyn’s tweets and comments via the GoGirls chat that she hosts every Thursday on Twitter. I had joined in on the GoGirls chat several times, and each time I made new friends/contacts and I also noticed my Twitter following grew a little at a time.


Madalyn posted a free 1-hour webinar/case study about getting new followers on Twitter. I’m a busy person and I’m constantly chasing my tail, but I figured this might be something that will help me grow my legion of rock’n’roll worshippers, so I sat down and I watched/listened to the webinar. The strategies presented seemed simple enough, but I figured that if I did what Madalyn said, I may get some more followers, but not a whole heck of a lot. I started doing the smart searches she taught in the webinar, and I noticed that over the course of a week or so, I was up about 30 followers. That got my attention. I spent a little time each day (about 10 minutes) to add people that I thought had something in common with me and/or my blog. I was astounded when after month or so, I had gone from 67 followers to 180.

Martina Fasano Twitter

I kept using the strategies from the webinar but I wanted to make another leap. I enrolled in the #TwitterSmarter class and went through each module. The class originally was broadcast in 4 separate sessions a week apart, but I was able to watch all 4 modules and do the “homework” over the course of a week. Note: The homework never ends, and as a teacher, I appreciate the value in this! I’m still doing homework from the course on a daily basis, since that is how to #TwitterSmarter.

Let me explain.

Martina's Twitter listsMadalyn went over the creation of Twitter lists, integration with Hootsuite and Buffer, follower analytics and tracking through JustUnfollow, and the inclusion of quality content through newsfeed curation apps such as Feedly. As a result, I have a one-stop shop on my screen that I can visit just once a day to set up my tweets, follows, and contribution to my twitter account. I have also integrated my Facebook and Instagram posts so that I can have my followers “see” or “read” about my content on various platforms.

There is a lot of material and so much that you can do with the apps and sites Madalyn guides you through. That alone keeps people like myself happy because it streamlines my workload and allows me to do more in less time, and more effectively. I was also able to fine-tune my profile so that potential followers can find me and find out what I do. My Twitter page “looks” more professional than it did before I started, and the results have spoken for themselves. I was approached by the owner of another blog to write for him and he commented that “you know how to utlilize twitter which is a definite plus.” He was able to gather this simply by looking at my tweets, profile, and setup. All things I learned from the course.

Martina's massive user reach increaseWhat about my followers? Using Madalyn’s techniques, I am now up to 562 followers (as of 5-13-14). That number grows on a daily basis, and in the week that I took the course and did the homework she assigned, I was able to get on the radar of 4 editors-in-chief of major guitar and music industry magazines. I have gotten retweets, mentions and favorites from these industry movers and shakers, and I feel as though my following is starting to catch up to the quality content I have to offer on my blog. More important than followers however, is the reach that I am now getting with my Tweets. I signed up with Sum All some time ago, which tracks analytics and keeps statistics on the various tweets, retweets, etc. for various social media platforms. My reach for one week used to be only the people that followed me, if that! Implemented the things I learned in Madalyn’s course, my reach for the week of April 28-May 4 was 387,000! That means 387,000 unique Twitter users were exposed to one of my tweets in some shape or form. That is an incredible number for someone who had just 80 followers in June.

The #Twitter Smarter course was definitely something that I would recommend to anyone wanting to jumpstart their Twitter account or to see results. If you put in the work for even 15 minutes a day, you will begin seeing results that you never thought possible.

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