#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Demystifying Twitter Thematics with Ariel Hyatt [Episode 12]

Ariel Hyatt

In this episode I chat with my longtime friend and colleague, Ariel Hyatt. We both got our start as entrepreneurs in the music business back in 1996. She founded Cyber PR and has made an incredible name for herself in the music business and has now expanded her reach beyond music to include entrepreneurs and a variety of businesses types. Ariel and I are a lot alike – our mission is to help people better grasp social media and develop strategies that work. And utilizing the power of Twitter.

In this episode Ariel talks about Twitter Thematics. It’s a great way to hone in on your message. Listening to Ariel talk about it is fascinating!

In this episode, here’s what Ariel covers:

  • Create “Thematics” because Twitter can take you into too many directions.
  • Thematic #1: What would your tribe/followers like?
  • Thematic #2: What is perfect for your personality?
  • Thematic #3: What is your business/message/brand trying to say?
  • Thematic #4: What is your social proof?
  • Ariel recommends these four to curate your thematics. Most of your tweets should stay within this realm.
  • Keep feeding your community the thing they like.
  • Twitter lists can be helpful when choosing your thematics.
  • Your Call-To-Action: Apply these “thematics” when you’re tweeting. Curate your tweets using these four types that Ariel shares.

Links mentioned in this episode:

How To Reach Ariel:
You can reach Ariel on Twitter @CyberPR and through her website at cyberpr.com. Ariel is offering a FREE 9 week online social media course. Details below.

Your Call To Action:
Start using these four “thematics” when tweeting. Tweet me @MadalynSklar and let me know what you think. Did you find it helpful to you?

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