#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Leverage Social Selling with Kim Garst [Episode 17]

Kim Garst

Kim Garst is CEO of Boom! Social Media Marketing where she applies her 20+ years of experience to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and managers with building online traffic, increasing engagement, converting prospects into buyers and developing compelling content.

Kim is a respected author, leader of a 500K social media community, and has been listed as a Forbes magazine Top 10 Social Media Women Power Influencer.

In this #TwitterSmarter episode, she will share a few tips on social selling via Twitter to grow your bottom line.

Episode Highlights:

  • Social selling is all about relationships; use Twitter to strike up conversations. If you’re not talking with people, you’re not building relationships. Kim provides great tips for starting conversations in this episode.
  • By setting aside time each day to build relationships, Kim shares how she has been able to do many unimaginable things, including sharing the stage with Star Jones, Martha Stewart and Ariana Huffington in one afternoon.
  • Sharing good content and building a targeted following are two ways to attract the people you want to connect with to you. Kim shares excellent strategies and stories related to both – starting with her Christmas 2010 epiphany.
  • Twitter is Kim’s number one referral source. Learn how she leverages it for profit every day.
  • Periscope has introduced Kim to a whole new audience of people, while also enabling her to build a deeper connection with her existing community. Hear her insights on the potential future impact of this live streaming app.


  • “Set aside time each day to build relationships. Spend 30 minutes reaching out to 10 people. Start a conversation.” click to tweet
  • “Make sure you are connecting with the right people. Don’t make it about the numbers.” click to tweet
  • “Sharing good content is critical. It’s what attracts the right people to you.” click to tweet

Links to tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

How To Reach Kim:
You can reach Kim on Twitter @kimgarst, or via her website: www.kimgarst.com. Kim’s Twitter chat, #SocialCentsChat, happens bi-monthly on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Visit www.socialcentschat.com to stay up-to-date.

Your Call To Action:
Following Kim’s example, reach out to ten people each day for at least one week to strike up a conversation. You’ll be surprised at how impactful this will be for your targeted growth strategy. Tweet me @MadalynSklar to share your results.

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