#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Storytelling 140 Characters At A Time with Keith Quesenberry [Episode 16]

Keith Quesenberry

An active researcher and published author, Keith Quesenberry teaches marketing (traditional, digital and integrated) at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to that he spent 17 years as an associate creative director and copywriter for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

In this #TwitterSmarter episode, Keith shares his insights on the importance of one-to-one conversations on Twitter, and how to tell great stories 140 characters at a time.

Episode Highlights:

  • Twitter is crowded, with lots of noise. Keith believes that to stand out it’s critical we engage with people genuinely via one-to-one connections.
  • Direct messaging can be a powerful tool – if used in the right way. Keith explains why using automated services may not be the best option.
  • Research shows that people want complete stories, even if they are delivered over time. Keith shares great examples on how best to accomplish this throughout the episode.
  • When starting out, paid advertising, leveraging employee accounts and geo-targeting are three strategies that can help jumpstart efforts. Keith dives deeper into all three when discussing elements of a social media marketing plan.


  • To stand out it’s critical we engage with people genuinely via one-to-one connections. Tweet: click to tweet
  • People want complete stories on Twitter, even if they are delivered over time. Tweet: click to tweet

Links to tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

How To Reach Keith:
You can reach Keith on Twitter @Kquesen, or via his blog: www.postcontrolmarketing.com.

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Think about ways you can storytell on Twitter. I want you to tell a larger story but in 140 pieces over time the way Keith described. Tweet me @MadalynSklar and share what you’re doing.

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