#TwitterSmarter Podcast: The Power of Twitter Chats with Brian Fanzo [Episode 13]

Brian Fanzo

In this episode I chat with my friend Brian Fanzo who is best known as @iSocialFanz in the social space. He’s been a rising star and really making a name for himself as a speaker, podcaster and Twitter chat host. Brian is everywhere and I love that! And like me he’s been an early adopter to Meerkat and Periscope. He’s broadcasting at least several times a day on both platforms and is always giving so much value to his followers. In this podcast he’ll be sharing the power of Twitter chats.

In this episode, here’s what Brian discusses:

  • “I do talk fast but I usually talk in 140 character clips.” Tweet: “I do talk fast but I usually talk in 140 character clips.” @iSocialFanz via #TwitterSmarter podcast. http://ctt.ec/1vicF+
  • One of the tools that had the biggest impact on Brian is Buffer. He also loves Hootsuite. “Hootsuite allows me to do social listening.”
  • Brian has built his brand around Twitter. He gives credit to Twitter chats.
  • “A Twitter chat is a true essence of a community.” Tweet:
  • “The hashtag that is used for Twitter chats is really that glue that bind the conversation.” Tweet: “The hashtag that is used for Twitter chats is really that glue that bind the conversation.” @iSocialFanz #TwitterSmarter podcast
  • Twitter chats gave Brian the opportunity to find people with similar passions.
  • Tune in to #SBizhour Mondays at 4pm ET for 200-300 friendly, engaging people you can connect with.
  • Brian refers to Twitter chats as the “Cheers” of Twitter. When you start showing up every week, it truly is that community where everybody knows your name.
  • Brian recommends Twitter chats if you want to grow your following.

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Brian Fanzo is @iSocialFanz on Twitter.
  • Brian’s Twitter Chat calendar is a public Google calendar that has lots of great chats to follow.
  • Brian co-hosts #Sbizhour with Rachel Miller every Monday at 4pm ET.
  • Favorite Twitter apps for Twitter chats are: TweetChat, Nurph, TweetDeck. He prefers Tweetdeck during a Twitter chat and has a column for his personal notifications, a column for the chat’s hashtag, and a column for the host of the Twitter chat so he can see what they’re tweeting. It allows him to engage in a real-time aspect.

How To Reach Brian:
You can reach Brian on Twitter @iSocialFanz and iSocialFanz.com.

Your Call To Action:  Find a Twitter chat that resonates with you. Become a regular so over time “everyone knows your name.” And be sure to check out Brian’s Twitter chat calendar. You can also Google to search for Twitter chats. Tweet me @MadalynSklar and let me know what you think. Did you find it helpful to you? Brian’s Twitter Feed: //

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