Testimonials Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Testimonials Are A Girl's Best Friend!

We all agree. Testimonials are a girl’s best friend. But they’re even better during a live Twitter chat!

Last night I participated in one of my favorite Twitter chats, #InfluencerChat. It’s run by three lovely ladies – Rebekah Radice, Ann Tran and Diana Adams. I adore each of these ladies because they are amazing writers and contributors to the world of social media.

Rebekah sent me a nice reminder on Facebook. My iPhone did too. Yes, I have reminders in my iPhone for every chat I love. There’s too many to remember!

@InfluencerChat is every Tuesday on Twitter at 8pm ET. It’s the best hour packed with great topics revolving around social media. Last night’s topic: How To Build Your Brand Through Influencer Marketing.

Even though this is a fast moving chat, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great questions. Awesome answers. I saw many peeps from my #TwitterSmarter chat in attendance. I love bumping into them out in the Twitterverse. Also attending was one of my GoGirlsMusic community members, Smooth. I’m always thrilled when someone from my music community drifts over to the social media community. She had some nice things to say about me that put a big smile on my face.

I tweeted back and then she said:

You just don’t get better than this – an awesome testimonial during a largely attended Twitter chat. I was in heaven. Also in awe of Smooth. Not too long after that our friends from Applebee’s stopped in and joined the conversation. They have been a regular on my #TwitterSmarter chat for weeks. A few of us were talking about how much we dig the chat. Then Applesbee’s chimed in with this:

And my response:

Testimonials are definitely a girl’s best friend when you are on #InfluencerChat. #WhatAGreatNight