#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Building True Relationships with Marty McPadden [Episode 21]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast with Marty McPadden

Digital, video and audio content producer and strategist Marty McPadden is the founder and CEO of PodJamTV Productions, which produces live and edited audio and video shows and conducts video workshops.

Formerly with ESPN, Marty has over 18 years’ experience in television production and operations. His latest product, VideoChatOnAir.com, helps brands and businesses take advantage of the video revolution by producing and hosting live online video shows.

In today’s #TwitterSmarter podcast episode, Marty talks about the two Ps of Twitter: participation and patience.

Episode Highlights:

  • Marty joined Twitter in 2007, but didn’t get serious about his use until 2009. Once he did, he immediately saw the quality of his relationships grow. He explains how in this episode.
  • His six year history with Twitter has taught him valuable lessons about participation and patience. He goes into details on both, including actionable steps we can all follow.
  • Twitter chats provide a low barrier to entry for new users who want to cultivate a presence. Marty’s tips will help get the ball rolling.
  • Many people believe high follower counts equate to higher levels of credibility. Marty isn’t one of them. He’ll tell you what he believes does instead.


  • Like a good chef, don’t be afraid to share you cookbook. Tweet:
  • Don’t let fear hold you back. People genuinely want you to succeed. Tweet:

Links to tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Google Hangouts on Air – live streaming automatically saved to YouTube
  • TweetBot – iPhone app $4.99. He likes that you can switch between multiple accounts easily. There’s a desktop version for the Mac too.
  • TweetDeck – he likes using it for Twitter chats.
  • Hootsuite for community management.
  • Buffer – he likes using it on desktop with multiple accounts.
  • ManageFlitter – helps you manage your following.

How To Reach Marty:
You can reach Marty on Twitter @MartyMcPadden, or via his website PodJam.tv.

Your Call To Action:
Your call-to-action is to not be afraid to share your cookbook. I loved this advice from Marty. I want you to think about your “cookbook” that you can share. As Marty says: “Don’t be afraid to share the good stuff.” For me, I share helping Twitter tips and advice regularly. Give it a try and tag me @MadalynSklar and show me your cookbook.

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