#TwitterSmarter Podcast: How Periscope Will Rock Your Business with Ryan Steinolfson [Episode 22]

Ryan Steinolfson

Ryan Steinolfson, “Periscope Ryan” as he is also known, is the president of Accelerate Marketing, Inc. Based in San Diego, CA, this digital marketing agency specializes in accelerating clients’ brand recognition to help ensure maximum potential for increased sales and exponential growth. In fact, the company is currently on a mission to assist 1,000 organizations in just such a manner over the next five years.

Given Ryan’s live streaming expertise, we’re going to take a slight departure on today’s #TwitterSmarter podcast episode. Instead of his best Twitter tips, Ryan will help us understand how to leverage Periscope (which is owned by Twitter) for business.

Episode Highlights:

  • Periscope amassed 10 million users in its first four months. By comparison it took Facebook nearly 10 months to garner 1 million users.
  • In part, Periscope’s quick rise was because of its direct connection with Twitter. Therefore, it makes sense that Twitter is the perfect place to search for target audience pain points and hashtags that will resonate during your Periscopes.
  • The reason Ryan and others have been so successful is because they understood right away that it’s not about being perfect. When it comes to live streaming, you just have to jump in.
  • Ryan shares a number of great business successes – Applebee’s, Hootsuite, T-Mobile – with applicable lessons for businesses of all sizes.
  • Having a place to send people immediately after your ‘scopes will enable to them to get to know you even better through the consumption of your content.
  • Through the power of Periscope, Ryan attained 650 email sign ups for his “gadgets list” in just two months.


  • We’re the media today. We are the camera crew and the host at the same time. Tweet: We’re the media today. We are the camera crew & the host. @RyanSteinolfson from the #TwitterSmarter podcast http://bit.ly/twittersmarter
  • Live streaming is the perfect medium to show the culture behind the brand – get personal. Tweet: Live streaming is the perfect medium to show the culture behind the brand. @RyanSteinolfson #TwitterSmarter http://bit.ly/twittersmarter

Links to tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Periscope – explore the world through someone else’s eyes (tagline on website)
  • Zoom – video and web conferencing services

How To Reach Ryan:
You can reach Ryan on Periscope and Twitter @RyanSteinolfson, or via his website www.PeriscopeRyan.com.

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Your call-to-action for this episode is to download the Periscope app (it’s available for iOS and Android) and start scoping like a maniac! Be sure to tag me @MadalynSklar and let me know what you think.

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