‘How to Effectively Promote your Content on Twitter’ with David Boutin

‘How to Effectively Promote your Content on Twitter’ with David Boutin

#TWITTERSMARTER CHAT – Thursday October 15, 2015

By Anna Edwards

We’ve all heard the sentiment‘Content is King’ but what is less talked about is how to go about promoting this content after it’s been created. Certainly, there are many different outlets for sharing content, but here on the #TwitterSmarter chat, we’re particularly biased toward Twitter – our favorite platform. When it comes to social media in general and Twitter in particular, sharing isn’t alway caring. Sharing has to be done right for it to be meaningful and effective. The 5 ‘W’s (and the ‘H’) definitely come to mind – What, When, Where, Why, Who, How.

In the last chat David Boutin of Lab3 Marketing joined us with some very valuable insight on content sharing for Twitter. We talked about Twitter Cards, scheduling tools for sharing and repurposing content, among other things. The main take away was that it’s important to have a schedule for sharing as well as to get creative when repurposing content for repeat sharing. We also spoke about the best way to get an influencer to share content.

Continue reading below to get more details on the various questions and some of the more insightful and popular responses from the chat.

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1. Why, in your opinion, is Twitter such an effective platform for sharing content?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: With the help of hashtags and the formation of communities around interests, Twitter is a great platform for connecting with your target audience. And the tweeters are awesome 🙂

2. Why is it important to have a social media calendar when promoting content on Twitter?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: A social media calendar is great for strategy – for identifying, organizing and scheduling content and other relevant tasks.

3. Why is it so important to use images to promote your content?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Images grab attention. They make your content stand out and give more room for expression beyond the 140 characters.

4. What tools do you use to find relevant hashtags to complement your content?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Turns out, Hashtagify is the crowd favorite.

5. How do you promote the same content in different ways to keep tweets fresh?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Use different images and different pull quotes to promote each time. Try rewording also.

6. What are some advantages of using Twitter cards to promote content?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: They are very effective visually. They share content in a neat and tidy way that is visually appealling and uniformed.

7. How can you encourage influencers to share your content on Twitter?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Engage with influencers by retweeting, favoriting and sharing their content, commenting on their blog posts, and above all make sure your content is relevant and useful.

8. Are Twitter chats an appropriate place to promote your content? Why or why not?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: This should only be done sparingly, when it’s relevant and useful. Anything else will come across as spam.

As always, we had a great time and the hour seemed too short.

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