‘Using Twitter to Surprise and Delight Your Audience’ with Nicole Miller

‘Using Twitter to Surprise and Delight Your Audience’ with Nicole Miller

#TWITTERSMARTER CHAT – Thursday October 29, 2015

By Anna Edwards

With the intense competition for attention on social media and in traditional media, it can be very difficult to capture and keep the attention of your desired audience. But it doesn’t have to be. The brand that is able to cut through the noise will be the brand that makes it a point of duty to connect with customers and deliberately shape their experience with its product or service. Simply put, brands that learn the art of surprising and delighting their audience will separate themselves from the crowd and turn their audience into loyal customers.

Last Thursday on the #TwitterSmarter chat, Nicole Miller from Buffer stopped by to talk with us about the various ways to surprise and delight our audience as well as share various tools and resources for managing and measuring these efforts. Buffer is a brand that gets customer delight right, and so we were eager to hear what their community champion had to say.

Continue reading below for more details on the various questions and some of the more insightful and popular responses from the chat.

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1. What tools do you use to listen to your audience on Twitter?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Hotsuite, Tweetdeck, Twitter analytics, Mention, Twitter lists and hashtags are among the most popular.

2. What are some learnings you’ve discovered from your audience?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Feedback (on content, products or services) which tells what is working and what isn’t. 

3. What does it mean to surprise-and-delight your followers?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Unexpected engagement and highlighting that puts them front and center and makes them feel like they matter.

4. What are some organizational tools you use to track these efforts and ROI?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Trello, Hootsuite, Google Docs, and Tweetdeck are just a few of the favorites.

5. What are some cost-effective ways to send your audience gifts?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Social media acknowledgement (shout outs), items in the mail (handwritten notes, notebooks, cards, t-shirts etc), a discounted or free service.

6. What are some fun and memorable ways you’ve engaged your followers?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Thoughtful gifts, discussions, chats or other forms of actual engagement, passes to events or gift certificates.

7. How can you scale your surprise and delight efforts?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Automate the parts of the process that can be automated then seek help from team members with the rest. It also helps to determine where to focus efforts based on goals or the stage of the relationship.

8. What companies inspire you with their customer happiness efforts?

SUMMARY OF RESPONSES: Buffer, Applebees, Hootsuite and many others (see responses below).

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