Twitter Chats – The Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Twitter Chats

The place where everyone knows your name

I love Twitter chats. I think they are the best way to connect with like-minded people. It’s where you find your tribe. And where topics resonate with you. It’s such a great experience. Committing a few hours a week will help you connect with amazing people and also educate you on the variety of topics. It’s part workshop, part networking event and the beauty is that it takes place at your computer (or your phone or iPad). No travel required! For me personally, the connections I’ve made have been incredible.

Twitter chatThere’s a wide variety of chat topics. While there are lots of chats that revolve around social media (no surprise there!), there are others like sports, healthcare, technology, education and more.

You can find listings of chats here and here. Check out my list of the very best chats for social media and marketing.

A Twitter chat is the equivalent of you being Norm on Cheers where everyone knows your name. [click to tweetTweet: A Twitter chat is the equivalent of you being Norm on Cheers where everyone knows your name. ~@MadalynSklar

When you consistently attend, you become an integral part of the tribe. It’s a great feeling!


Now I’m no stranger to running Twitter chats. I started the GoGirlsMusic Twitter chat – #ggchat – for musicians back in July 2011. It’s an amazing place for musicians and music industry professionals to connect and share ideas each week that enrich the community. When I started the chat, there was nothing else like it. If you are connected to music, this chat will get you in front of your peers and unite you with your tribe. I am so proud to have started something that so many people revere as the best place to be on Thursdays.


I started a popular Twitter Tips podcast this year. I launched the #TwitterSmarter podcast on June 1. I noticed quickly it was hitting a nerve with people. And I mean this in a good way. People were contacting me left and right sharing that they loved the podcast. My plan was to start a Twitter chat later in the year to compliment the podcast. But with all the interest, I decided to go ahead and move forward.

On July 30, only 55 days after my first podcast episode release, I launched the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat. Just like my #ggchat, there was nothing like this out there. That would explain why it’s so popular. I struck a chord. A good one. I bring in a featured guest each week and do a Q&A style chat. Everyone in the community is encouraged to share their insights. It makes for a great environment.

The Connections

Who can you expect to connect with at the #TwitterSmarter chat? It’s filled with entrepreneurs, social media marketers and managers, and business owners of all shapes and sizes. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and tips. The #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat is every Thursday at 1pm ET / 10am PT. It’s a place to connect, learn and share Twitter tips. I encourage you to visit us. I’d love to see you there!

A wonderful testimonial from a regular on the chat:

What people are saying about the chat:

“Since joining the Twitter Smarter chats, I have made some great connections with other influencers and knowledgeable individuals. I have learned about so many tools, tips and tricks that I can utilize for social listening, content curating and brand building! This account I use is new for my personal brand that I am building and my follower count has increased significantly since joining the Twitter Smarter chats. Overall, I look forward to my #TST (Twitter Smarter Thursdays!) because I know within that hour, I am going to get the chance to connect with familiar names/brands and leave with some major takeaways!” ~Jelisa Beaty @LisaLovesSocial

“I love TwitterSmarter chat. It’s a great opportunity to meet, connect and share with amazing social media experts across the globe. Also, TwitterSmarter is a great learning source. I love the pace of this chat. Thanks Madalyn for being amazing host every week.” ~Mohini Puranik @mohinipuranik

“One way I stay informed and get connected is by frequenting twitter chats, and one of my favorites is #TwitterSmarter. It’s a hotbed of thought leadership and novel ideas whose topics consistently highlight challenges faced by every marketer or business leader. Madalyn Sklar does a phenomenal job orchestrating the chat; she constantly engages in conversation with the chatters and masterfully directs the discussion. Even if you don’t have an answer for one of the chat’s question you can simply learn from the other participants, asking your own questions along the way; and really, the conversations you have on #TwitterSmarter are the best part. Madalyn has weekly guests on the chat that offer thought leadership in the weekly topic; they always provide a unique perspective to the questions and serve as a source of learning for the participants. The connections and friends I’ve made on #TwitterSmarter are enough to justify every second I’ve spent in the chat, but when you consider the collaborative knowledge it offers, the time spent on #TwitterSmarter is actually priceless. Thank you, Madalyn Sklar, for organizing this amazing chat!” ~Micah-Sage Bolden @SageBolden

Because my Twitter chat was born out of my podcast, I’d like to share a few tweets about it. These are people who attend the chat. There is so much cross over between the two.

What people are saying about the podcast:


Over To You

What is your experience with Twitter chats? Which ones do you attend? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment your thoughts below.