#TwitterSmarter Podcast: The Power of Content Curation with Yann Ilunga [Episode 27]

The Power of Content Curation with Yann Ilunga

Yann Ilunga is a content curation expert. He is the genius behind the amazing podcast 360 Entrepreneur which seeks to help entrepreneurs build their platform, grow their audience, and build authority. Yann also hosts a music business podcast, The Jazz Spotlight. I was privileged to be a guest on both of his shows where I talked about Twitter tips and marketing.

Now it’s Yann’s turn to share some great and practical Twitter insights specifically about the power of content curation and how you can best use it in your marketing strategy. He also talks about leveraging different Twitter tools to help you automate things better, save more time, and work smarter.

Episode Highlights:

  • Focus on content curation. Yann believes that it’s one of the first things every entrepreneur should do when using Twitter.
  • The trick to connecting with influencers on Twitter is to provide value and add a little bit of twist by taking a step further. Find out how Yann captured the attention of bestselling author Jeff Goins.
  • Content curation is a critical component of content marketing strategy because it allows you to tap into other niches.
  • Yann uses Twitterfeed to be able to keep up with active content creators. It also allows him to curate content even when he’s not logged in. Yann conversely uses Hootsuite to monitor Twitter lists because it’s more interactive.
  • Learn how to repost tweets in different intervals within the day through a tool called SocialOomph. It also works with Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • You want to share content that provides value and at the same time helps you build relationships. Tweet:
  • Go a step further to connect with industry leaders. It’s worth it! Tweet:

Links to tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

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