#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Powerful Scheduling Tool Tweet Jukebox with Tim Fargo [Episode 28]

Tim Fargo, CEO Tweet Jukebox

Tim Fargo is the CEO of Tweet Jukebox, an amazing and powerful Twitter tool. It’s a personal favorite of mine which I use every day for marketing my brand on Twitter. It’s a free scheduling tool that allows you to load a “jukebox” with content, schedule when you want tweets to go out and then sit back and let it do the job for you.

Tim is a bestselling author, a keynote speaker, an angel investor, and an entrepreneur. Back in the 90’s, he co-founded an insurance fraud investigation company that became the second largest in the US and which he later sold for $20 million.

Listen in as Tim shares with us how Tweet Jukebox actually came about and what makes it so popular among Twitter users.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tim didn’t start with the idea of making Tweet Jukebox a business. It was actually a by-product of traveling, initially intended for his own personal use.
  • Tim mentions that when you’re designing something for yourself with the kind of care and attention you put to it, it ends up becoming the kind of product that a lot of people want.
  • Tweet Jukebox is a powerful tool that frees you from constantly scheduling your tweets. Now you can spend more time engaging with your audience which Tim considers as the most powerful element of social media.
  • Tim’s goal for Tweet Jukebox is to be a multi-platform social media content manager and to make it a little ecosystem of itself. Watch out for more cool features that they’re currently working on.


  • “Tweet Jukebox was a bit of an accident. It just kind of happened.” tweet this Tweet:
  • “The best way to use it is take the time you save and use that to engage with your audience.” tweet this Tweet: “The best way to use @tweet_jukebox is take time you save & use that to engage with your audience.” @alphabetsuccess http://ctt.ec/2bbr4+
  • “Feedback is a form of currency.” tweet this Tweet: “Feedback is a form of currency.” @alphabetsuccess Tim Fargo, CEO of @tweet_jukebox http://ctt.ec/5dUdy+ #TwitterSmarter podcast

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You can reach Tim on Twitter at @alphabetsuccess and also through @Tweet_Jukebox. Or send him an email at tim@tweetjukebox.com.

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Your call to action for this episode is to sign up for a FREE Tweet Jukebox account at TweetJukebox.com. If you like tweeting motivational quotes, try out the Free Quote Jukebox. Simply turn it on, set the schedule, and you’re done. This tool is perfect if you’re sending out tweets regularly so you don’t have to spend time scheduling your tweets over and over and over. It leverages flexibility with your schedule.

You can have up two “jukeboxes” for a free account. If you need more than two, you may sign up for their paid membership plan. So try this out and let me know what you think. Send me a tweet @MadalynSklar.

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