#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Cocktail Party Conversations with Alan K’necht and Michelle Stinson-Ross from #SocialChat [Episode 30]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Cocktail Party Conversations with Alan K’Necht and Michelle Stinson-Ross from #SocialChat

Today’s episode is a #TwitterSmarter first as we are bringing in a duo on the show. Let’s welcome Alan K’necht and Michelle Stinson-Ross, hosts of the wildly popular #SocialChat, happening every Monday at 9pm ET.

Alan is the VP of Social Analytics at digital marketing company, Digital Always Media. With 20+ years experience in the digital marketing and internet space, Alan is also an author, consultant, and public speaker.

Michelle is the Content and Outreach Goddess at Authority Labs. She has been a consultant, social media strategist, and digital marketing strategist for the last 6 years. She calls herself an omni-channel social maniac who has tried and tested everything that’s out there.

#SocialChat sprung out of an idea Alan and Michelle got from the #SEOChat. Before they knew it, they were joined by 30-50 people per chat and now with over 200 episodes and counting. Listen in to get massive Twitter insights from this dynamic #SocialChat duo.

Episode Highlights:

  • Alan says, Think and Plan. Do your research. Know where your audience is and how they interact on the social platform. Form your plan then do your attack.
  • Michele says, Humanize your brand. Engage in conversation.
  • #SocialChat is 4 years old. It’s geared for social media marketers to discuss best practices. It’s grown and blossomed. It also attracts small business owners as well as college students who participate as a class requirement.
  • A Twitter chat is like a conversation at a cocktail party. Don’t just jump in and say something. You have to listen first and then at the right time, pipe in if you’ve got something to add into the conversation.
  • Check out the Noobs Guide to #SocialChat which lays out some good forum rules of engagement when participating in #SocialChat to make sure that guests and participants are able to leverage on the networking. Give love to the people you’re interacting with and mention one another.


  • “A Twitter chat is being in a conversation at a cocktail party.” @Aknecht
  • “Think and Plan. Do your research. Know where your audience is. And how they interact on that social platform.”@Aknecht
  • “Humanize your brand. Engage in conversation.”@SocialMichelleR

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If you’d like to connect with them on Twitter, Alan is at @Aknecht and Michelle is at @SocialMichelleR.

You may also find Alan K’necht on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can connect with Michelle Stinson Ross on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Or simply use #SocialChat on Twitter and they’ll find you!

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