#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Starting a Twitter Video Revolution with Mara Olson of Smart Bee Social [Episode 31]

Starting a Twitter Video Revolution with Mara Olson

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Mara Olson is the founder of the social media marketing and consulting company, Smart Bee Social. I invited her to the show today because she’s got something really cool and unique to share – Twitter videos.

If you haven’t used Twitter video yet or if this is your first time hearing about it, you’re in for a treat. Mara explains how she is utilizing it to build genuine connections with her audience. She has totally turned the way she communicates on Twitter up another level, in a more personal and engaging way.

Learn how this simple tool will elevate your presence on Twitter. And then be prepared to start a Twitter video revolution with us!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mara uses Twitter video in connection with her consulting business which has resulted in more leads, connections and phone calls.
  • Twitter video is the next layer of communication where it goes beyond just 140 characters.
  • Twitter video requires a little more effort but it offers such a greater reward. Greater content = greater engagement = greater connections.
  • You can do Twitter video on your phone to post or reply to people’s tweets. Just switch over to the video camera mode and voila! – you can start shooting video.
  • What’s awesome about Twitter video? It shows that you’re actually a real person!  It’s a new way of responding that grabs attention.


  • It’s amazing what happens when you care about people, listen to them and give them answers to their questions. tweet this Tweet:
  • If I have any success on Twitter, I attribute it to just being real with people and answering questions. tweet this Tweet:
  • Video has changed the way I build relationships on Twitter. It definitely made that genuine connection with people so much easier. tweet this Tweet:
  • 140 characters is still just 140 characters. tweet this Tweet:

Links to tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

How to Reach Mara:
You can reach Mara on Twitter @SmartBeeSocial and her website www.smartbeesocial.com.

Your Call to Action:
Your call-to-action for this episode is to make a Twitter video. You simply open the native Twitter app on your phone (works on iOS and Android) and start by tapping on the tweet button and then the video icon. Once in video mode, start having fun making your first video tweet! Mara and I would love to see you in action so please tweet us a video. Send it to me @MadalynSklar and Mara @SmartBeeSocial. Let’s get this Twitter video revolution rollin’!

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