#TwitterSmarter Podcast: How to Grow Your Twitter Following with Mike Kawula [Episode 32]

How to Grow Your Twitter Following with Mike Kawula

Mike Kawula is a die-hard entrepreneur with a knack for running successful businesses. He shares stories of using Twitter as far back as 2007 to listen and answer customers’ pains for his cleaning company and online office supply business. He tells us how he made a $27,000-order from building a solid connection on Twitter. Not to mention, having Gary Vaynerchuk as one of his customers.

In this episode, Mike shares a ton of great tips that you can apply right now to help you start growing your Twitter following. As Mike explains, there is nothing better than Twitter to create a good marketing impact on your business as long as you engage and act on it accordingly. Of course, while having fun too!

Episode Highlights:

  • Use Twitter to promote your business and connect with customers. Add them to a prospect list then build relationships by tweeting them and sharing content.
  • Many companies lack their own social media management team so they’re not able to pay attention to customer complaints. Mike attracted customers because he was using social media to answer their pain points.
  • Mike shares the story of how listening to Gary Vaynerchuk on Twitter helped land him as a loyal customer.

12 Great Actionable Tips to Increase Your Twitter Following:

  1. Have a really good header and change it from time to time based on the season or promotions.
  1. Create a good profile image. Go for a face behind the brand. Mike uses a logo with himself as his personal headshot.
  1. Make sure you have a good, catchy, fun bio that describes exactly who you are, what you stand for, and a little bit about what your business is.
  1. Control your first tweet by having a pinned tweet. It can be a call-to-action, a promotion, or about anything that has to do with your brand.
  1. Cross promote across other social medial channels. Share your Twitter profile on your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  1. Embed your tweets into your blog or use the Click-to-Tweet tool. Like this:

“Catch #TwitterSmarter podcast Ep32 for tips to grow your Twitter following with @MikeKawula”Tweet: Catch #TwitterSmarter podcast Ep32 for tips to grow your Twitter following with @TheSocialQuant @MadalynSklar http://ctt.ec/5M2g4+

  1. Use an automation tool for spreading out your tweets on a regular basis such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and SocialOomph. Mike tweets every half hour and I tweet every hour!
  1. Follow what’s trending on Twitter. “The trend is your friend.”
  1. Studies show 23% more Retweets (RT) when you spell out the word asking for a “retweet.”
  1. Make use of hashtags to get folks the opportunity to find what you’re tweeting about. Use Hashtagify to show you different hashtags you could use. But do your research to check out if it’s being used and how it’s being used. “Don’t be a hash-hole”
  1. Engage with the influencers. Share influencers content and tag them. Chances are, they might also tweet some of your content.
  1. Join Twitter chat parties. Don’t be a lurker. Engage with people.

Wait…. there’s actually more! But you gotta listen in to find out about more surprise tips.


  • If you’re giving something away of value that answers a pain point for them, that’s a great way to start off the relationship.
  • The Twitter trend is your friend.
  • Periscope is the future of Twitter.

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