Houston’s Top 25 Social Media Power Influencers – 2016

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Houston's Top 25 Social Media Power Influencers

by Eric Tung

The Methodology
I took the score for each influencer from four tools: StatSocial Social Pull, Klout Score, Kred Score, and FollowerWonk Social Authority. Although similar, each tool approaches social influence and authority in a slightly different way, so I wanted to expand out and see how closely the tools aligned, and if they could agree on any particular individual as the top overall influencer.

I then subtracted their ranking on the list from 140, so if you ranked last in one particular metric, you still got points for that. If you ranked first, you got 139 points for that ranking. Klout, Kred and FollowerWonk points were then divided by two, with an interest in favoring StatSocial, to maintain a little consistency from the 2014 list.

So for example, Madalyn Sklar ranked 4 for Stat Social, 1 for Klout, 3 for Kred, and 1 for FollowerWonk.

I then ranked everyone by their raw score, and you have the list!

So without further ado…

The Influencers

1. Madalyn Sklar is an independent Social Media Strategist, podcaster and Twitter chat host. @MadalynSklar

2. Dwight Silverman is the Tech blogger at writer for The Houston Chronicle. @DSilverman

3. Kristin Barclay is an on-air personality and the Social Media Manager for In Wheel Time, and lifestyle blogger at In Deep H2O. @zanymomintx

4. Michele Price founder of Breakthrough Business Strategies, a digital media agency and the on-air host for #BBSradio – business internet radio show. @ProsperityGal

5. Chris Makara is the Interactive Marketing specialist, at Insperity, and founder of Bulk.ly. @ChrisMakara

6. Damien Franco is a marketing consultant at DTF Marketing. @DamienFranco

7. Cheval John is a blogger, social media strategist, and host of What’s the Word on Blogtalk Radio. @chevd80

8. Bobbie Byrd is the co-founder of the Blog Elevated conference and #BlogElevated chat, blogger and social media consultant. @clumsycrafter

9. Grace Rodriguez is the creative director at TED Active. @GraceRodriguez

10. Frederick J. Goodall, aka “Mocha Dad” is a top-50 dad blogger, internet marketer, and parenting expert. @MochaDad

11. Kami Watson Huyse, is founder of Social Media Breakfast Houston and the CEO at Zoetica communications agency. @KamiChat

12. Aimee Woodall is the founder of Black Sheep Agency, a really awesome branding and social media agency. She is also a Houston Business Journal “40 Under 40” award winner. @AimeeWoodall

13. Sandra Fernandez is a social media account supervisor for Hispanic marketing firm Lopez Negrete, and Founder of the Hispanic Houston blog. @SandraSays

14. Kathy Penney is a blogger and brand ambassador at penneylane.com. @KathPenney

15. Pamela M. Kramer is a web producer for PMK Unlimited and web content manager for A Renaissance Woman. @PamelaMKramer

16. Juan Alanis is the VP Corporate Communications and Social Media at FleishmanHillard and top Mexican lifestyle blog, JuanOfWords. @JuanOfWords

17. Lauren Fernandez Meihls is the Social Media Manager at Academy Sports. @Cubanalaf

18. Mike McGuff is the source for Houston media happenings, founder of mikemcguff.com, freelance media consultant, and long time Houston media fixture. @mikemcguff

19. Anh Nguyen is the managing principal at Amplified Marketing. @AnhTNguyen

20. Teddy Wilson is a Social Media Coordinator at The Media Consortium. @txindyjourno

21. Kirsten Kiki Oliphant is a writer, blogger, podcaster and social media strategist at KirstenOliphant.com. @kikimojo

22. Sandy Lawrence is the President of Perceptive Marketing, a publishing marketing company. @SandyLawrence

23. Alex Beaton is a Marketing freelancer. @alexbeaton

24. Joëlle Eid is the social media strategist at Signet Interactive. @joelletweeted

25. Kara Singh is a social media manager for Insperity Recruiting. @KaraSingh

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Kami Watson Huyse says September 14, 2016

This is great Madalyn, glad you published it, and thanks to Eric for his hard work. I have done a number of these lists in my time and I know how much work they are. I know most of the folks on this list personally, and for those I don’t, let’s chat 🙂

    Madalyn Sklar says September 14, 2016

    Yes, Eric did a great job on this! I wanted to get this out and make it official. So many have asked for this. And congrats to you for jumping up the list. 🙂

chevyd80 says September 15, 2016

Thank you for putting Eric’s list together Madalyn.

    Madalyn Sklar says September 17, 2016

    You are so welcome Cheval! Congrats to you. So well deserved!

      chevyd80 says September 17, 2016

      Thank you Madalyn for everything.

alexbeaton says September 15, 2016

Hey Madalyn! Can you please update my job title? I’m actually a marketing freelancer!

    Madalyn Sklar says September 17, 2016

    You got it, Alex. It’s done. Congrats on making the list!!

Paul Jumbo says September 18, 2016

Hi Madalyn, great list you have there

    Madalyn Sklar says October 21, 2016

    Thank you Paul! I love spotlighting our great talent in Houston.

Shasie says March 13, 2017

Congrats to everyone! I follow most of these people! How can we apply to be checked out for next year’s rankings?

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