#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Leveraging The Power of Twitter Lists with Brittany Berger [Episode 35]

#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Leveraging The Power of Twitter Lists with Brittany Berger

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Brittany Berger is the Content and PR Manager at Mention.com, a media monitoring company where she takes charge of the site’s content creation as well as their PR outreach and strategy management.

In this episode Brittany and I talk about a variety of ways to use Twitter lists like how to leverage them to help you interact with your target audience, how to monitor your competitors, create new business opportunities and ultimately reduce the noise and clutter. She shares great tips that will help you create and monitor your own Twitter lists.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Use Twitter lists, Mention, and other monitoring tools to help you organize your Twitter account especially when following thousands of people to help you filter out the noise.
  • Organize your private lists into different categories such as a “Priority List” where you follow people you want to keep a watchful eye on such as family, friends, favorite blogs, etc. and a “Competitor List” as an easy way to monitor your competition.
  • Brittany shared a great tip from blogger Alexis Grant and her Notice Me List. Create a private Twitter list and call it “Notice Me.” Add people you want to notice you. People who can help you with your business. Start monitoring this list. Get noticed by retweeting, liking and commenting tweets from people on this list. This will help get you on their radar. It will help you “Get Noticed.”
  • When you create, and basically curate, a public list, people can see it and subscribe to it. I talked about my Twitter list of podcast guests I’ve interviewed. And my “Social Media Smarties” list. It’s endless what you can create for your Twitter lists. Creativity is key when naming your list if you want to grab people’s attention.

More about Mention.com

  • Use Mention alerts to filter out noise and narrow down the content you want to look at. These are usually used for keyword-based searches or monitoring specific accounts.
  • Mention allows you to add keywords, “and,” and negative keywords to narrow your searches down.
  • Do competitor monitoring and look for people who are not happy with your competitor’s service. This will give you a prime opportunity to reach out and possibly gain a new customer.
  • Mention integrates with Buffer
  • Mention offers free and paid versions. Check out www.mention.com


  • “I’m a big fan of work smarter, not harder.”
  • “I’m not a big creator of public lists but I love following other people. That’s the beauty of the public lists.”
  • “One of the great uses for public lists is to curate speakers or guests at events.”
  • “You just can’t read everything on Twitter so you want to make sure that what you do see is what you want to be seeing.”
  • “I love nerding out about social!”

Brittany’s favorite apps and tools:

  • Mention – real-time media monitoring
  • Buffer – social media tool for scheduling
  • TweetDeck -Twitter management tool
  • SumAll – social media reports [At the time of this recording I used this tool because it had great features that were free. Since then they changed features and no longer offer the same free service. I stopped using it.]
  • Followerwonk – Twitter analytics
  • Canva – create beautiful designs
  • Slack – messaging app for teams

Other tools & items mentioned:

How to Reach Brittany Berger:

You can reach Brittany Berger on Twitter @bberg1010 and LinkedIn.

Your Call-to-Action:

Your call-to-action for this episode is a two-parter. 1) Start creating Twitter lists and 2) Sign up for Mention. Set up at least 3 Twitter lists. One can be your priority list which contains the Twitter accounts of your friends and family. Another could be a competitor list or your favorite blogs. And for the third one, try creating the Notice Me list. Once you do that, sign up for Mention. Try all this out and then tweet me @MadalynSklar and let me know what you think of it.

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