#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Tapping Into the Power of Social Selling with Reid Robinson [Episode 36]

Tapping Into the Power of Social Selling with Reid Robinson

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Reid Robinson is a Social Media Business Strategist for Hootsuite. He leads social selling initiatives for both Hootsuite and some of the world’s largest brands. He’s also responsible for educating the global sales team on employee advocacy and leveraging the power of social selling to find more contacts, build better relationships, and ultimately close more business.

In this episode, Reid shares with us some valuable Twitter insights that are focused on the importance of engaging with your contacts to create deeper and richer connections. He also talks about the concept of social selling and how you can integrate social media, especially Twitter, into your sales process.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Create a list of people you want to connect with and call it “Social Contacts.” Every day look at your list and engage with at least 3 people. Retweet or reply and add input. This will open the door to your connections and your results will snowball.
  • Keep things professional and personal. Say something about what you do, where you work, your expertise but also have fun with it. This draws a real human-to-human level connection with things you both are passionate about.
  • Your messaging can’t be generic. You have to connect with someone the way you want to be connected with.
  • Use search streams (everything posted publicly on Twitter) to connect with people and uncover business leads. Use Twitter Advanced Search to narrow down your search and see all the different ways keywords would appear on Twitter in real time. Find the right, valuable conversations and the people you want to connect with. You can also filter down conversations by geographic location.
  • What is Social Selling? It’s integrating social media habits into the daily sales process to provide better insights, higher response rates, and warmer contacts.
  • Social selling allows a platform for sales people to get insights from earlier stages using social listening but also engage with decision makers and make warmer contacts with people that are traditionally harder to reach.


  • Don’t overlook Twitter. Analyze your audience. If your connections are active on Twitter, get on the network.
  • Twitter integrates with your sales process quite well.
  • Twitter lists is my #1 favorite thing about Twitter. Create a list, call it “Social Contacts,” and engage with at least three people daily.
  • Twitter is a real-time and personal network.
  • Keep things professional and personal.
  • Draw a real “Human to Human” level of connection. Connect with things you both are passionate about.

Reid’s favorite apps and tools:

  • Hootsuite – manage all your social media in one place. It’s great for monitoring groups and search streams.
  • Twitter Advanced Search – allows you to tailor search results to specific date ranges, people and more.
  • Riffle – Twitter engagement, interest and activity analytics in real-time with this free Chrome extension.
  • Grapevine 6 – helpful tool that curates a stream of relevant content.
  • Sales Prodigy – Hootsuite acquired this mobile app built to help sales organizations tap into social selling opportunities.

How to Reach Reid Robinson:

You can reach Reid Robinson on Twitter @HootReid and LinkedIn.

Your Call-to-Action:

Your call-to-action for this episode is to set up a Twitter list called “Social Contacts” and add people you want to connect with. Each day I want you to look at your list and engage with at least 3 people. Find tweets to reply to and add your input. You’ll make great connections and you’ll see your results snowball when you connect with people every day. Please be sure to let me know how it’s working out by sending me a tweet @MadalynSklar. I want to hear from you!

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