How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

I was recently contacted by Two Digital, a UK digital marketing agency, and asked if I would contribute to a blog post about how I got started in business and became successful. This is a favorite topic of mine so of course I said yes! I’ve been an online digital marketer since 1996 and have lots to share in my 21 year journey to success.

You can read the article here: How to be incredibly successful in SEO. It’s a round-up post that also includes Rand Fishkin, Marko Saric, Jacqueline de Rojas and Violeta Nedkova.

Here’s what I shared in the article. I hope you find this helpful.

If you want to get ahead you need to do two things.

First, you need to have the long game mindset. You will not become an overnight sensation. You have to work very hard. So many people give up when they’re on the one-yard line. Persevere and great things will come.

Second, work harder than anyone else you know in the industry. And work smart. Don’t get too wrapped up in what others are doing in the industry. It’s better to go against the pack and do your own thing. People will take notice.

The secret to my success is the motto “Just Do It.” It’s become a way of life for me. It’s even tattooed on my arm! I don’t over-think things. I have an idea and go execute on it. I just do it.

My best advice is to find something you’re passionate about and go all in. Don’t listen to naysayers. Listen to you. Follow your dreams.

Yes, the tattoo is real! I firmly believe in the mantra, Just Do It. It’s something I live by.

I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below and share your thoughts on success.