#TwitterSmarter Podcast: Tips to Making Twitter Work Best for You with Lucy Rendler-Kaplan [Episode 43]

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Lucy Rendler-Kaplan is a marketing veteran with nearly 17 years of experience in public relations, marketing management and social media. She’s worked on projects for Red Bull, ONE Coconut Water, Camel, Lipton and Ethos Water just to name a few. She founded her own boutique public relations agency, calling it Arkay Marketing. The company focuses on consulting small businesses and start-ups to design effective social media and marketing strategies.

In this episode, Lucy discusses her best tips for using Twitter effectively and strategically, from starting with a plan and following through with it, to leveraging deeper engagement. She lays out the importance of joining Twitter chats and benefiting from community connections. She says, and I quote, “Twitter chats have revolutionized my social media life.” We talk about why Twitter is a valuable platform for Social Listening as well as the benefits of Advanced Search. This episode is full of advice that will help you improve your Twitter presence.

Episode Highlights:

  • Have a plan. And ask yourself, “what is my why?” click to tweet Tweet: Have a plan. And ask yourself, “what is my why?” -@LUCYrk78 https://ctt.ec/ntP7L+ pic.twitter.com/O5SYtrfiIZ
  • Twitter chats give you access to learning, meeting new people, including experts, and establishing long-term connections and relations. Try to develop a habit of attending one chat on a weekly basis.
  • Learn how using Twitter features like Advanced Search and Analytics combined with Listening and Monitoring Tools can help you track your progress and make necessary changes.
  • Starting off with a Simple Twitter Strategy is what helps define what you want to achieve and get out of it long-term.
  • People buy from brands they can trust. Look at who is talking about you on Twitter so you can get to know them and deepen the relationship and then hopefully they will start telling your brand story.

My FavoriteQuotes:

“Twitter chats have revolutionized my social media life.” click to tweet Tweet: “Twitter chats have revolutionized my social media life.” -@LUCYrk78 https://ctt.ec/64P0O+ pic.twitter.com/QRUz0GNrb6

“I think that people should take advantage of joining more chats and not just joining once a week, but making sure that you attend the same chat each week.”

Links, Tools and Twitter Chats mentioned in this Episode:

How to Connect with Lucy:

You can reach Lucy on Twitter @LUCYrk78 or visit her website, www.arkaymarketing.com to learn more about her services.

Your Call-to-Action:

Your call-to-action for this episode is to go to Twitter’s Advanced Search and look up something. This can be from a past conversation with someone or answers from a Twitter chat. Your homework assignment is to search for something and then let Lucy and I know. Click here to send us a tweet @MadalynSklar and @LUCYrk78. Tweet: Hey @MadalynSklar & @LUCYrk78: I listened to the #TwitterSmarter podcast, followed your advice & did the assignment! https://ctt.ec/57imd+

Call-to-Action Screen Shot and Example:

In the example below, I’m using Twitter’s Advanced Search to look up answers from the #TwitterSmarter chat. I put in “A1” so I can see tweets from those who responded to Q1 (question 1) of the chat. I put in the #TwitterSmarter hashtag and the date of the chat. When putting in your dates, you need to put in “from” and “to.” In the “from” I put in the date of the chat. In the “to” I put in the next day. This will give me a 24 hour window of tweets to view. Click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll get the results. It will always default to “Top” at the top left side of the page. Click on “Latest” to get all the tweets in reverse chronological order. Experiment and see what you come up with. I find Advanced Search very helpful if I want to find a Twitter conversation I had with someone in the past.

Let us know you did the assignment by clicking here to send us a tweet. Tweet: Hey @MadalynSklar & @LUCYrk78: I listened to the #TwitterSmarter podcast, followed your advice & did the assignment! https://ctt.ec/57imd+

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