#TwitterSmarter Podcast: #NewTwitter Rant & Rave with Madalyn Sklar [Episode 44]

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On Thursday, June 15, 2017, Twitter rolled out a new look. They made changes to the desktop version at Twitter.com as well as Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android and TweetDeck. Some changes were applauded, and some were not. One of the listeners to this podcast, John Espirian, reached out to me and shared his thoughts about the recent Twitter update. You’ll hear it in this episode. And you’ll hear me do some ranting as well as some raving.

Episode Highlights:

  • John talks about the new “tap and hold” hidden features in the iOS app: if you tap and hold your profile image you can switch between profiles, tap and hold the search icon at bottom of the screen you can start a new search and also see your saved ones, tap and hold the feather icon to see your draft tweets.
  • Twitter reduced the tabs for less clutter with a new left-side navigation that has your profile, additional accounts, settings & privacy, your lists and moments.
  • The profile image is now round. If you’re using your SnapChat “SnapCode” as your profile image, it cuts off a few of those dots so it’s not longer “snappable.” Check out this quick fix I found: bit.ly/ohsnaptwitter
  • The icons are more intuitive so it’s easier to engage. Especially for the first time users. So for example, some people thought the reply button (an arrow) meant delete or go back to the previous page. Twitter switched it to a bubble icon, almost identical to Instagram and Facebook.
  • John and I really like the cool new feature where the reply, retweet, and like counts update instantly so you can see these numbers go up in real-time.
  • Good news! Twitter has grown its user base by 9 million so now it’s at 328 million monthly active users in the last quarter.

What People Are Saying About The New Changes:

  • @SocialMentorUK did a Twitter poll asking their followers thoughts on the new Twitter changes. 48% were negative, 16% positive and 36% said no different.  See tweet below.
  • @ThisIsAbsorb thought it was ridiculous that the compose tweet button wasn’t on every screen. But others like Jen Varadi like it and says it looks cleaner and more user-friendly. SnapDays said the same. Meghan Monaghan said “the app has far more steps making it cumbersome to do simple tasks.” BSP Podcast said “definitely a step backwards.”

Tools and Links to Things Mentioned:

Over To You:

What are your thoughts about these new Twitter changes? How can the app be improved? I want to hear from you. Send me a tweet @MadalynSklar or send me an audio message like John did at MadalynSklar.com/SpeakPipe. You can leave up to 90 seconds of audio.

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