Why Twitter Moments Benefits Your Brand and 6 Easy Ways to Use It

First released in October 2015, Twitter Moments was designed to give users a more dynamic way to tell their stories on the platform by essentially creating a slideshow view of multiple tweets. When Twitter initially unveiled this feature, only selected partners were able to curate stories and they covered topics like news, sports, and entertainment.

Eventually, the feature rolled out to the public in September 2016, giving everyone on the platform access. Moments have provided users with an easy way to follow trending topics, but it’s now being used to share a variety of other kinds of content.

Even though Twitter Moments has been available to us for a number of years now, there are still many people on the platform who aren’t taking advantage of it. Either they don’t see the value that Twitter Moments can provide or they simply don’t know how to incorporate it for their brand’s strategy.

Luckily, that confusion ends today! I’m going to share the top reasons why I think Twitter Moments will benefit your brand and easy ways you can begin using it. Let’s dive in!

Why Twitter Moments Benefits Your Brand

Is it really worth using Twitter Moments? Well, I may be biased since Twitter is easily my favorite social media platform. But I still say it has some great benefits that brands will want to take advantage of. Here’s why:

Moments Allow You to Tell Your Brand’s Story

In order to draw your audience in and build a relationship with them, you have to tell your story. You need to communicate with your audience how you can serve them so they begin to see the value you can add to their lives. Twitter Moments is great for this because you can create a curated selection of tweets that gives new visitors of your profile an idea of what you’re all about. It helps you start to build a relationship with them right off the bat.

You Can Create a Conversation Around a Specific Topic

Normally, you would use hashtags to create a conversation around a topic on Twitter. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Hashtags are great! However, you can gather a curated selection of tweets on a specific topic through a Twitter Moment. You’re then able to share that with your audience and give them a place to learn and engage.

The great thing about doing things this way is that hashtags are often hijacked by spammers or those who don’t know the true intention behind it. It creates a cluttered feed and causes the valuable conversation to get buried, especially if the hashtag is popular. You don’t have to worry about that happening with a Moment.

6 Easy Ways to Add Twitter Moments to Your Strategy

So, now that you see the value in this Twitter feature, how can you incorporate Moments into your brand’s strategy? After all, no one wants to create boring Moments that no one checks out, right? These ideas will ensure all the Twitter Moments you create are a hit!

1. Create Moments Based on Events

One simple way you can start using Twitter Moments is to curate tweets around a specific event. Perhaps you’re attending a conference and want to save some of the best tips you’ve seen shared by event goers on Twitter? Or maybe your brand is hosting an event and you’d like to create a way for others to experience it? Either way, event tweets can make a great Moment.

My favorite way to use Twitter Moments is to recap each of my Twitter chats. I can easily go through the tweets after a chat has ended and add them to a brand new Moment. It’s nice because chat participants and I can get a refresher on some of the best tweets from the chat. Plus, it provides value to anyone who is just stumbling upon my profile since they can learn from these chat recaps. I do this for both #TwitterSmarter and #SocialROI.

You can see my Moments here.

2. Give Your Audience a Behind-the-Scenes Look

You can even use Moments to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look into your brand. Create a selection of tweets that allows people to get to know you better. What do you do and why do you do it? How are you showing up and providing value to others? People love to get the inside scoop because it helps them to connect with you on a much deeper level.

3. Show People How to Use Your Product or Service

Another great idea is to curate Twitter Moments that showcase how to use your product or service. For example, if you have this amazing product, you can create a demo and save it through Moments so it’s easily discoverable by those who visit your Twitter profile. Make sure your demo answers the common questions people have about the product and even include some testimonials to really seal the deal when it comes to making sales.

4. Curate a Twitter Tweetstorm

If you aren’t familiar with the term “tweetstorm,” it’s basically a series of tweets on one topic that you have posted in quick succession to one another. If you’re someone who has a lot to say, there’s a good chance you’ve had a few tweetstorms of your own! And when you’re sharing tremendous value with your audience, you don’t want it to get buried on your feed.

Instead, you can create a brand new Twitter Moment that houses the tweets from your little tweetstorm. You’ll always be able to refer back to it and reference it. Plus, other Twitter users will be able to check it out and share it with their followers.

5. Breathe New Life Into Older, Evergreen Tweets

Unfortunately, tweets have a very short lifespan. This means that all the hard work you put into perfectly crafting each one of your tweets can often go unnoticed. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can breathe new life into your older, evergreen tweets that are still providing value to your audience. And it’s all thanks to Twitter Moments.

If you have any tweets you want to save so they’re easily accessible to everyone, create a Moment that houses each one. You can split them up into topics so they’re more organized and provides an easy way for visitors to find what they’re interested in when checking out your profile.

6. Leverage Social Proof by Curating Tweets About Your Brand

And finally, another easy way to use Twitter Moments is to curate tweets about your brand. This is a great way to leverage social proof because it shows that there are other people out there who love you and support what you do. That’s such a good feeling, right?

Find tweets by searching for your brand’s name on Twitter or going through the posts using a branded hashtag (if you have one). Then, save the best ones to a Twitter Moment. It’s not that you’re showing off, but it helps to validate your status in your industry. Plus, you can easily refer back to this Moment later on when you need social proof for a sales page!

Call to Action:

  • Come up with a few ways you can start using Twitter Moments to benefit your brand’s presence on the platform.
  • Then, create your very first Moment and start curating amazing tweets that you can add to it. Here’s instructions on how to create your own Twitter Moments.
  • Start making Twitter Moments a regular part of your strategy by setting a goal to create them regularly.