My Favorite Twitter Tools: AgoraPulse

When it comes to managing your social media presence, AgoraPulse provides the best of both worlds. Instead of just being a scheduling tool, it also has the power to help you keep track of engagement across platforms so you can focus on building your community. After all, that’s what’s truly important when it comes to social media!

Perfect for small businesses, large teams, and even agencies, AgoraPulse allows you to manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. But what other special features does it have to offer? And is it the right tool for you to invest in? Let’s find out!

The Basics of AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse considers themselves a “people-oriented company,” which is apparent by the way in which they serve their customers every single day. Their team works closely to keep things running smoothly and to provide a great experience for all of their users. What’s even more impressive is that their team works remotely across four continents and still manages to come together to make their tool a must-have.

You can use it to schedule and publish content for an array of social media platforms, breeze through any conversations from your community, learn about those who are engaging with you, listen in on the topics you care about the most, monitor your KPIs, and delegate tasks to your team. But that’s not all! There are some other stand-out features that make AgoraPulse so efficient.

Stand-Out Features

Even though I’m citing AgoraPulse as one of my favorite Twitter tools, that’s not all it can do! One of the great things about AgoraPulse is that it has the ability to manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube! This is really important for anyone who is looking for a tool that can handle everything with ease, as opposed to paying for so many different tools each month. Everything is in one place and easily accessible.

When scheduling content, you can even queue evergreen posts for recycling, so you don’t have to worry about always creating fresh posts since your queue never goes empty. While this is handy for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, it won’t work for Twitter. Unfortunately, their API policy prevents this feature from working with AgoraPulse.

Besides that, you can do so much when you have AgoraPulse in your social media toolbox. You’re able to engage with your community, listen in on relevant social media conversations through monitoring, track the performance of your posts, schedule and publish fresh content, collaborate with your team, and build a relationship with your online followers.

One of my favorite features in the ability to manage all of your social media conversations in one place. AgoraPulse actually sets this up like an inbox so it’s easy to access everything and check them off like a to-do list once you’ve reviewed them. Their dashboard picks up every comment, tweet, and message that’s directed toward your brand, so you never have to miss a thing! You can even filter the mentions to keep things more organized.

If you’re tired of spending hours crafting social media reports for your brand, let AgoraPulse take over the task! Another big bonus is that you’ll have unlimited access to one-click reporting so you can really see if you’re getting a return on the time and effort you’re putting into your online presence. You’ll go beyond the amount of “likes” a post received to discover deeper insights on your audience, engagement, and brand awareness. All of this will help shape your content strategy moving forward since you’ll see exactly what people are resonating with. Plus, you’ll see the best times to post each day to optimize scheduling.


If you’re interested in checking out AgoraPulse, they have a free 28-day trial which allows you to test out the tool before investing in a paid plan. This is pretty awesome because 28 days gives you plenty of time to really test it out and decide if it works for you. And once your trial is up, you can sign-up for a paid plan or move onto something else.

AgoraPulse has four different pricing plans to choose from, which include Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise. The Small plan costs $39 per month, Medium is $79 per month, Large is $159 per month, and Enterprise is $239 per month. Which one you go with will really depend on the size of your company and your needs.

For many of you, you’ll likely go with either the Small or Medium plans. Small is designed for solo business owners and allows you to add three social media profiles for scheduling content. The Medium plan is designed for small businesses and allows you to add 10 social profiles and has the ability to add three users. This is perfect if you have a team working alongside you that would need access to AgoraPulse as well.

There are extra features that are available depending on the pricing tier you go with. For instance, the Small plan doesn’t allow for features such as Advanced Sync, ad comments monitoring, or team workflow. You’ll want to keep this in mind when making your purchase.

Why It’s Worth Considering

Overall, AgoraPulse is definitely worth checking out! With the 28-day trial, you’ll have plenty of time to add all of your social media profiles and experience the various features it has to offer. Scheduling posts across multiple platforms will not only be a breeze, but they’ll be optimized for maximum exposure to increase engagement opportunities.

Plus, you can stay on top of conversations with your audience, as well as the topics you truly care about. But it’s the one-click reporting that’s truly going to change your social media presence in the long-run. With these analytics and the deep-dive you get into your online presence, you’ll quickly learn which posts are working for you and where you can make improvements. That’s going to save you time, help you grow your community, and even boost your sales over time! Definitely a win!