Marketing Tips From Top Marketers Around the World

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When I found out I was included on Brand24’s list of the Top 100 Digital Marketers in 2019, I was absolutely honored! I was even more surprised to find out that I placed at #21 this year. That’s up 26 spots from 2018! It’s always incredible to be featured alongside so many other skilled marketers and to have my work recognized.

To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to reach out to those featured on this year’s list and pick their brains for some amazing marketing tips we can all use to build our brands online. I reached out to everyone who made the Top 100 Digital Marketers 2019 Edition via Twitter and here are the responses I’ve received.

What’s One Thing Brands Can do to Step-Up Their Marketing Efforts?

We all want to be better with our marketing, right? Well, now we can make it happen thanks to these tips! If you’ve been feeling unsure of how to take things to the next level or if your marketing needs a major overhaul, keep this advice in mind.

Ted’s advice is that companies should be empowering their employees. He says they should encourage them to think, create, engage, and to build their own personal brands.

Peg says brands should be surprising and delighting their customers. Spend time connecting with your community by engaging with them. And make sure you’re solving their problems because this gives them a reason to keep coming back for more.

Being so focused on selling all the time can really turn off your audience. Instead, David recommends prioritizing educating and informing your audience. This delivers the value they’re searching for!

Michael’s advice is to measure everything. When you do, you’re able to eliminate the things in your strategy that aren’t working and continue doing the things that do produce real results. And don’t forget to try new things from time to time!

Ray feels brands can see results if they focus on activating moments.

Are There Any Must-Have Tools in Your Marketing Toolbox?

Now that you know how to make some improvements with your brand’s marketing efforts, wouldn’t it be nice to have some tools to help you make it happen? These suggested tools from the experts featured on Brand24’s list are worth checking out.

For Chris, email is where it’s at! Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with your community and build relationships with them over time. Choose a great email provider and start building your list if you haven’t already!

Joe agrees that email marketing is a must! He relied on social media platforms to help build an email list, focusing on owned assets as opposed to rented online space. Gaining 10k+ subscribers allowed Joe and his team to monetize and also build loyal relationships with those who subscribed to the Content Marketing Institute newsletter.

Much like what Joe said, Heidi knows that it’s important to build a relationship with your audience. For her, she does this through blogging and a weekly email newsletter. Consistency means your readers begin to expect communication from you and can look forward to it.

Aaron’s go-to tools include AgoraPulse and Brand24. AgoraPulse is great for handling scheduling, while Brand24 allows you to easily monitor mentions of your brand on the web.

Neal is also a big fan of AgoraPulse! One of the great thing is that it allows you schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube so everything is all in one place.

Lilach uses AgoraPulse, Brand24, Wave Video, Trello, OptinMonster, and ConvertKit. Wave is a free tool that helps you create videos, Trello will keep you organized with project management, OptinMonster is used for lead generation, and ConvertKit is for building your email list.

Jeff relies on Zencastr to record podcasts with multiple guests, Typeform for surveying his audience and gaining insights, and the Adobe Experience Cloud to manage everything.

Samantha uses ContentCal and feedalpha for social media management, plus Bonjoro for sending personalized videos.

Pat Flynn also likes Bonjoro. He uses it as a quick and easy way to send thank you videos to new customers. It’s a simple way to show you care!

Christopher really took his response to the next level, creating a video about his favorite tools. He mentions must-haves like Google Analytics, Hubspot, Camtasia, and more.

Leonard’s favorites include Buffer, BuzzSumo, Active Campaign, and others that are worth checking out.

It should come as no surprise that Dave’s own tool, Likeable Local, is a must-have for him. With this tool’s content library, scheduling calendar, and message center, it sounds like a handy way to manage your social media presence.

While all of these tools are incredible, Warren is absolutely right that our must-haves include our brain, ears, passion, and attention.

What do You Predict for the Future of Marketing?

Are you looking ahead to the future of marketing? If not, you should be! It’s important to be prepared so you can start incorporating the latest tactics into your strategy now if you want to be ahead of the curve and see major results. Here are some predictions of what we can expect when it comes to the marketing world.

As Dan said, social media isn’t just a media platform. It’s about being social and actually engaging with your community. Listen to your customers, hear their complaints, and respond. And he thinks brands will finally start recognizing and implementing this.

Ann’s prediction is that we’ll create less content, but with more impact. After all, quality is what’s most important when building your brand.

Lee feels everyone is empowered to create and influence, so brands should encourage their community to co-create. User-generated content can be a powerful way to establish your brand.

Mike is predicting that AI is going to play an increasingly bigger role in the marketing space. The question is, are we prepared for the changes it may bring about?

Again, a huge thanks to Brand24 for including me on this year’s list. And thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my questions on Twitter. I greatly appreciate it!