Exploring the Updated Twitter Desktop Design

updated Twitter desktop design

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When it comes to Twitter, the design of their website hasn’t changed much. They’ve kept it pretty simple. So, when they announced back in January 2019 that a revamped look was on its way, users definitely had some opinions. This is Twitter’s first big design change in seven years with a refreshed look and new features.

Exploring the Updated Twitter Desktop Design

Because this new look is being rolled out to users, not everyone has access at the time of this post. If you do have the updated twitter.com, then you’ve probably been able to explore it, but you might not have noticed all the changes they’ve implemented. And if you’ve yet to gain access, I know you’re wondering what to expect. So, let’s dive into the new features you should be on the lookout for!

Easier Navigation With a Revamped Sidebar

An important quality of any website is that it needs to be user-friendly. Websites should have clean designs, which Twitter has. And they should also be easy to navigate, which is something Twitter has definitely improved upon with this new look.

Twitter sidebar

The new Twitter sidebar.

Whether you’re scrolling through your timeline or looking at your profile, you’ll notice the sidebar on the left-hand side. It provides easy access to all of the essentials: Home, Explore, Notifications, Messages, Bookmarks, Lists, Profile, and More. With this new addition, that means there’s no need for the old drop-down menu.

When you click “More,” you’ll see a new list pop-up with access to Moments, Promote Mode, Twitter Ads, Analytics, Settings & Privacy, the Help Center, Display, and Log Out. No matter where you are on Twitter, it’s right there for you to navigate with ease, providing quick access to all of your favorite Twitter features.

The Ability to Bookmark Tweets

The bookmarks feature is a new addition that has come along with the updated Twitter desktop design. Although it was originally launched on mobile in 2018, desktop users didn’t previously have a way to access this feature. Now, Twitter has brought it to their desktop site and is making it even more prominent by giving “Bookmarks” a coveted spot in their sidebar.

How to bookmark a tweet

Bookmarking a tweet is an alternative to liking it. It’s a way to save something that you may want to revisit later, without it going into your never-ending list of liked tweets. This creates a bit more of a curated list, which is also private for only you to see. So, if you come across a tweet that you want to be able to check out later, bookmark it instead of liking it. Just follow the steps in the GIF above!

A More Organized Home for Direct Messages

updated Twitter DMs

Your new home for DMs.

Sending direct messages has definitely been made easier with the updated Twitter desktop design. Switching screens to go from one message to another is now a thing of the past because you can view your conversations and send messages all from the same double-paned view. You’ll see a list of all your messages on the left-hand side, while the selected message opens on the right. Previously, you’d have to close one message to go back to the list and select another. This is just another way Twitter is making their platform more user-friendly!

Customize Twitter With Colors & Dark Mode

Tired of Twitter’s classic blue look? Prefer to scroll social media in dark mode? Well, the updated Twitter desktop design has you covered! If you want to make some tweaks to how you view Twitter, just click “More” in your sidebar, then select “Display” in the menu that pops up.

twitter dark mode

How to customize your view on Twitter with a look at “Lights Out” mode.

From there, you’ll see the available options for customizing your experience. First, you’ll see a slider that allows you to change the font to one of four available sizes. Then, you can change the color for hashtags, links, and buttons. Twitter allows you to stick with their on-brand blue or switch to yellow, pink, purple, orange, or green. And finally, you’ll find the two different options for a Twitter dark mode. You can keep it set to default to keep the screen white, switch to the dark gray “Dim,” or go black with “Lights Out.”

Managing Multiple Accounts Without Logging In & Out

Social media managers of the world can rejoice with this exciting news! With the updated Twitter desktop design, there’s no need to spend half of your day logging in and out of various accounts. If you have multiple Twitter accounts that require your attention each day, you can stay logged in and just switch back and forth as needed. Just think of the time you’ll save!

If You Don’t Have Access Just Yet…

Some users were able to access the new look during a test period that Twitter had been running. But the update didn’t start rolling out to all users until July 2019. If you haven’t seen it yet, be patient. It’s on its way to your account soon! And now, you’ll know what you have to look forward to.

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