#56: Twitter Tips That Will Get You Noticed with Dhariana Lozano

Twitter Tips That Will Get You Noticed with Dhariana Lozano

In this episode, Dhariana Lozano and I talk about your Twitter bio, tweets, and Twitter analytics. You’ll hear her strategies on having a great presence on Twitter. And that includes what content to tweet and the importance of joining Twitter chats.

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Dhariana Lozano is a social media consultant with almost a decade of experience helping B2B and B2C brands use social media to expand their reach online. She’s also the co-founder of a New York boutique marketing agency called Supremacy Marketing.

Episode Highlights:

Dhariana’s Twitter Marketing Tips:

  • [02:00] Just do it: Jump in and start tweeting.
  • [02:25] Use analytics. Check them regularly.
  • [05:23] Create a good bio.
  • [14:44] Mix up your content and tweet often.
  • [23:33] Join Twitter chats.
  • [17:10] Consider using a personal Twitter account AND a business account. (See example below)

  • [35:57] Repurpose a blog post into tweets using tips from that post. (See thread below.)

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“You have to put yourself in your audience's shoes and take a look at your Twitter profile from that outside perspective.” – @DhariLoClick To Tweet
“Join a Twitter chat that includes your target audience. It's a great way to start and be a part of conversations. That’s what social media is all about.” – @DhariLoClick To Tweet

Tools, Links and Apps Mentioned:

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Your Call to Action:

Your call to action this week is to audit your Twitter profile and tweets and make improvements based on the tips that Dhariana and I shared in this episode. Once you’ve done this, send a tweet to me (@MadalynSklar) and Dhariana (@Dharilo) to let us know how it worked! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Madalyn Sklar: Hey Dhariana, Thank you so much for joining the #TwitterSmarter podcast. I am so happy to have you here as our special guest. The question I have for you is what are your best Twitter tips?

Dhariana Lozano: All right, so my first Twitter tip is actually a page from your book, and it’s just, “just do it.” Get out there and start tweeting. Um, I think people get a little bit caught up. I know Twitter has a little bit of a learning curve, but the only way you’re gonna learn is if you start doing it. So make a few mistakes. You can delete them. Just get out there and start tweeting.

Madalyn Sklar: That’s great advice. I love that. Just do it.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. Um, nice Twitter tip is to use your analytics. Um, I know it can be a little scary as well, but Twitter does a really good job of giving you a good overview of what’s happening with your account. You can see what’s happening with each tweet that you put out, so you can tell what works, what doesn’t work.

And it’s just good to know, kind of, where you are and where you’ve been and what you can do to improve. So I always stress the importance of taking a look at your analytics periodically. So set an alarm every month, every week, whatever you feel comfortable with, and just dive in there.

Madalyn Sklar: That is awesome. Now when you’re checking your analytics, are you just using the ones at Twitter, you know, analytics.twitter.com?

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, so I just hop in there. I do take note of my analytics, And I do the same for all my clients. I actually have a spreadsheet on a Google docs, and I keep track of tweets. That’s number of tweets, the engagement rate, like all the stats that Twitter gives you in the backend.

Um, and I just, I like having it in a chart that I can look at it all at once so I can see the number of variances. But the charts that Twitter has are … They’re really clean, and they’re pretty to look at. Um, so I, I think it makes it easier visually, but I do keep track of them on my own.

Madalyn Sklar: That is so great. I know there’s a lot of third-party tools for this as well, but I just love using what Twitter provides. And so for those of you listening, if you’re in a browser and you’re logged into Twitter in the upper right-hand corner, when you click on your little picture as a pull-down menu, you’ll see analytics.

But the best thing to do is bookmark it. It’s analytics.Twitter.com. Bookmark that link because you should be checking this regularly. This is such great advice, Dhariana. I’m so glad you mentioned that. I like looking to see, um, you know I liked the 28-day summary you get when you first log in, and it lets you know … it gives you a great snapshot. You can see how many tweets you’ve done in the last 28 days, your number of impressions, your profile visits, your mentions and your followers.

The two that I love the most are profile visits because it lets you know how many people are looking at your profile and becomes a reminder of how important it is to have a great profile because, you know, when I look at mine in the last 28 days, it says I’ve had 18,400 profile visits.

Dhariana Lozano: Woah.

Madalyn Sklar: That means 18,400 times my Twitter profile was looked at. And that means I need to have a great looking header image, a good profile picture, a great bio, and a good pinned tweet because at that tweet is getting … It’s visible. People are looking at it. So really important to, and I always stress that the more you tweet, the more profile visits … you know, the more visible you are.

Dhariana Lozano: Absolutely.

Madalyn Sklar: You’ll see that profile. So don’t be discouraged if you’re looking at your profile visits and going, “Oh, I only have a few hundred.” Well, if you tweet regularly and you’re very visible, you will see that number rise.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, it, it’s, it’s so fun to watch the numbers rise and not as when to watch them fall, but at least you can pick out, you know, what you did differently. And Madelyn, I know you change your bio up every once in awhile. So that’s also like things that you can take a note of is if you make a change, jot it down so that you can pay attention to how that might affect your analytics.

Madalyn Sklar: Absolutely. That is such a great idea. Well, when I look at my analytics and I see that I’m getting a lot of profile visits, it’s just that reminder of like, “Okay, let me do a quick audit on my profile,” you know, cause whatever I’m looking at, that’s what the public sees, and I want to make a big impact. And I just reworded my bio, literally just days ago. I was trying to think of a better way to … like that starting point. Those first few words or sentences I think is so important.

And before it was like I think “Twitter marketing expert,” which is like, okay, blah blah, blah. That’s boring. So I changed in, and I put, “Helping the world optimize their Twitter strategy, one tweet at a time.” Isn’t that cool?

Dhariana Lozano: I love that.

Madalyn Sklar: I think that’s going to be my tagline. Yeah, I just made it up one day.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. It’s so good. Keep it for a while. I mean, I saw … You [inaudible] up all the time, and I think that’s great, which was actually my next tip since we’re talking about the biographies. Um, is just to have a good bio, and don’t be afraid to play with it and change it and see what feels right.

And take a look at it every once in awhile. I know it’s kind of a part of the, your account you kind of, uh, ignore or not ignore, but you don’t go on your own profile as much as other people do, so you tend to forget about it. But be like Madalyn and play with it and, you know, keep tabs on that. And make sure that it’s the best it can be at all times.

Madalyn Sklar: Now, how often do you update yours?

Dhariana Lozano: Not as often as I should.

You know, when I have something new, uh, for example, reopening the … my social media membership. So I’ll go in and change the link that’s in my bio, or I’ll add a link to the actual bio if I have enough character space. But I do look back on it. I thought … I don’t think I’ve changed mine in quite some time. So, you know, sometimes I get a strike of inspiration, and I’m like, “I need to change these a little bit.” Um, but I, you know, I’ve been wanting to change my my header image for awhile. I just haven’t found a good picture.

Madalyn Sklar: Well, I love the way you have … I think your profile looks great. I love the big header picture. I like your bio, and I’m not saying like, “Oh, you gotta go change your bio all the time.” I think with me, I do it from time to time cause I get bored with what … It’s like, “Okay, this is boring to me.” So it’s like, “Let me change it up. I want something fresh and exciting. But if it’s good and if it’s working, you don’t necessarily have to change it.

But I want to bring up a point you made and you mentioned about having a web address in your bio, and it seems with people I talk to a lot of the times they don’t realize they can do that. And I want to definitely stress the importance of this because there’s a place in your profile for your dot com, where you have your website, and you definitely want that to be used, your your whatever your.com, the home page to your website.

But in your bio you could put a URL to anything. And so what I’ve been doing for years is I have the link to this podcast, the #TwitterSmarter podcast, and it’s a bitly link. And you definitely want to have a shortened link because you only get 160 characters to work with and you don’t want a super long link, plus it doesn’t look good. So a bitly link can really fix that up.

And so with mine is “bitly/TwitterSmarter,” and it fits really well. It looks good in the bio, and it will take people directly to the podcast. I think is really important to showcase something, like when you said you have a course, put that in there. When I have a new course, I update my bio and make sure that I’m linking to it to make it very easy. It’s like just a shortcut to get someone to where you want to go. Like a call to action.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, absolutely. And there’s, you know, you’re maximizing the space. You’re giving yourself an extra link. So if you have a marketing initiative coming up, an event, just something you want to bring more attention to. Go back and look in your bio, make some space and pop that link in there.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah, I think that’s so great. I’m so glad that you had mentioned that because it just … It’s one of those things that people just don’t know about, and once they know it’s like, “Oh my God.” It’s like it opens up a whole new world.

Dhariana Lozano: Right.

Madalyn Sklar: The other thing I want to mention, since you know we were talking about, which I think is such a great tip with having a good bio also right above the bio where we have our name and how you’re utilizing this space, and I’m doing the same thing where it can be your name but he can be your name, but you could have something else with it.

A couple of years ago, Twitter had this where you only have 25 characters, so really you could just fit your name. Then they doubled it to 50 characters, and not everyone knows that they can do this and it’s a way to be really creative. When I look at your profile, Dhariana, it says “Dhariana Lozano – NYC social media consultant.”

I love that because very quickly I know exactly who you are and what you do, and so I did something similar with mine. Mine says, “Madalyn Sklar, Digital Marketing since 1996.” I want to pack that punch, man. I want people to look at that and go, “Wow.”

Dhariana Lozano: I saw that, when you changed that over. It was like “1996,” like, that’s amazing. That’s so much time. She knows what she’s doing.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah. I just, you know, it’s like, hey, if you’ve got the accolades, why not show it off? You know? It’s like, you know, people don’t always realize I’ve been doing digital marketing for a very, very long time. Sometimes I forget I’ve been doing it a long time, so it was good to use that little bit of extra space to highlight.

And you can get really creative. You can use emojis in there. I’ve been using the little rocket ship emojis for years just to make it look a little more exciting and to put something in between my name and then that next part. So it kind of breaks up the space a little bit.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, you definitely add more personality. I love that about your biography and your name section. You just, you pack a punch with personality. It’s like, oh, she’s fun. I’d like to get to know you more. And then when you actually land on your account, there’s so much great information. Um, you’re tweeting constantly. You have a great pinned tweet. Your, your profile is awesome.

Madalyn Sklar: Well thank you. I think yours is awesome, too.

Dhariana Lozano: Thank you.

Madalyn Sklar: And we hope those listening are going to take all this advice you’re sharing. And these are just little things that go such a long way in making your profile awesome.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. And it’s just … It’ll take you a couple of hours. Just take a look at your profile. If you want, hop on Madalyn’s account and go look at what she’s doing.

Madalyn Sklar: And try to just copy me.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, just copy her. Just … If you don’t have something that she’s got going on, just adjust your account a little bit. Make it you. Show your personality because that’s what’s gonna attract people. There’s millions of people on Twitter, millions of people online. What makes you stand out? It’s your personalities. So don’t be scared to put your personality in there.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah, and one of the things I love on your profile, uh, going back to the cover image, which is the big image at the top, yours is very bold. You have “@Dharilo” real big, your Twitter handle.

And I love that because it stands out. And then underneath it: “NYC, social media & digital engagement professional, food lover, giggle box.” So you’re putting a lot of person … You’re, you’re letting people know who you are professionally, but you’re also throwing in that little bit of extra funness. And it’s big and bold.

And so many times I see header images where people use tiny texts, and I’m on a big iMac screen, so it’s really big. But if I’m on my phone, and, most people are doing this on their mobile devices, it’s going to be so much smaller. So you got to really pay attention to your sizing. Everybody listening, y’all should go … Yeah, everybody should go look at your profile and see how does it look on your phone because the way you see it on your phone is how everyone else sees it.

Dhariana Lozano: That is such a good tip, Madalyn. I didn’t even, like … I do think about it for myself, but … I do remember myself, but you know it’s true. You have to go go on your profile. I think that goes back to that whole … You have to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and take a look at your profile from that outside perspective because no one’s seeing what you’re seeing.

You’re not, they’re not seeing your notifications. They’re seeing your profile. So take a step back. Go on mobile, go on your computer. Jiggle your screen around. Find different … Just figure it all out because you want to put your best foot forward. You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention with your profile, so …

Madalyn Sklar: That’s a tweetable right there. That’s a tweetable cause that’s so true. That’s why we go to all this trouble to make it a great-looking profile.

You have seconds to grab someone’s attention. And you know, since I’m on Twitter chats all the time, you really like have half a second to grab someone’s attention because when you’re on a fast-moving chat and someone sees you and they don’t know you, they’re going to make a split-second decision if they want to listen to you, if they want to follow you, if they want to read your tweets.

And so it starts with having a great profile. So I’m glad that you’re bringing all this up, Dhariana, because these are really important. Its very basic but so important.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. Yeah. I mean it’s just things that I’ve noticed that I do myself. Um, I tend to not look at it. My, again just, it’s just the nature of you not looking at it from the outsider’s perspective. So I like to say, take a step back. I take a look through my tweets. I think about, you know, does this really sound like me? Am I really giving my audience value? Am I showing them who I am?

So I, it’s just something I do every once in a while, every quarter, you know, maybe if I’m bored I’ll go on, you know, I just find moments. I just find moments, and, and, like you said, sometimes you get bored with what you see. But you have to look at it or else you’re not going to know.

Madalyn Sklar: Exactly. That’s such a great point.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. Then the next thing is we’re talking about tweets, so mix up your content and tweet often. Um, I like to see feeds that have, you know, like just plain text tweets or maybe the next tweet is a Gif and then maybe the next is like a retweet.

So, mixing up your content, just shows that, you know, you’re on the network, you’re active and you’re not kind of like a one-trick pony, per se. Like you, you actually know how to use the, the network and, and you’re involved. So I say mix up content. It’s also fun for you and, you know Madalyn, just to have like different kinds of tweets going out. It’s not just, just pictures or just words.

Madalyn Sklar: Right. And you do a lot of retweeting in your profile, too. When I go through your feed, I see lots of retweets. And I think sometimes people forget, like, that is a strategy that can be really beneficial. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Dhariana Lozano: Sure. So I like to retweet things that I find interesting. Um, tweets from other social media or digital marketing professionals, like Madalyn. Um, if I find information that’s important, I like to share it with my audience. You know, I don’t … [inaudible] to share what I’m looking at as well. Um, there’s so many great people out there giving advice, and you know, I can’t always, you know, give all the advice.

So I like to see other people’s points of views. I like to share information, that other’s bring [inaudible] And I like to show, kind of like, what I’m into and show my personality. So I do retweet a lot. Um, it’s also a great way to, if you’d want to get started with influencer marketing, it’s a great way to get noticed by people that you want to work with.

Um, if you are reading their materials and retweeting them, they’ll take notice. They’re getting those notifications that you’re retweeting them, favoriting their tweets. So if you’re looking into influencer marketing, it’s a great kind of a thing [inaudible] for the water.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah. Such great points that you’re making. Um, you know, retweeting can be very powerful, and even going that step beyond that where you do the retweet with a quote. It’s like putting your commentary or your spin on somebody’s tweet.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, absolutely. And it shows that you’re just not passively retweeting. You actually have a thought that goes along with it, and it adds context when you do that, which I think is super important because obviously if you’re retweeting it, tweeting a tweet, it’s for a reason.

But when you add your own voice and context to it, it has an effect to give your audience more of, uh, an idea of what you’re thinking, or, you know, you can just add your own tidbit to it, which I think is really powerful.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah, I love that. That is so great. And I have a question because you look at your profile is so good, but this is a question people ask all the time. So I want to get your expert opinion. So you have two profiles, you have one that’s your name, Dhariana Lozano, and then you also have one for your business called Supremacy Marketing.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, I do.

Madalyn Sklar: Can you give us, like, some pros and cons of that because so many times people will say, “Should I just have one or should I have two?” Like I don’t … And I always say, well two’s great, but it is double work. Keep that in mind, you know. But sometimes you want to keep things separate, and sometimes you incorporate them together. So give us your thoughts on that.

Dhariana Lozano: So I have my personal profile and I business profile because I believe in the power of building a personal brand. And you know what my personality is or the people that I’m trying to reach may not be exactly who I’m trying to reach with my agency.

So my agency is more, you know, business to business kind of feel like there’s more. Um, We want to connect with people who might be looking just for social media help or advice or tips. But on my account I get more personal, you know. I can, um, retweet a joke or just show up my, my own personality. Plus, you know, if I ever give up the agency, then I can just stop that account.

So for me, I have those… Yeah. And I have them separate. Um, and it’s also a way to amplify what I’m doing. So, you know, if, for example, I’m a, an influencer on Social Media Today, so if I tweet from my account, I also retweet it from the supremacy marketing account, and it’s just reaching a little bit of different audiences.

So it was all about just, um, how the audiences will differ. Uh, with my personal account, I think I’m reaching marketers and entrepreneurs and that kind of Solo preneur kind of person. While as my agency account, I’m trying to reach more of CMOs and business owners so the tone is a little bit different.

Madalyn Sklar: Right. A great point you’re making, I love how you’re doing this because I’m looking at a tweet that you just put out a little while ago from your Supremacy Marketing and doing exactly what you said.

You’re using it to promote something you did for the company, Social Media Today. You, you hosted their Twitter chat last week, and I loved that … I’m going to have to put this tweet in the show notes because this is a great example of combining your, your, the way you’re doing your two separate Twitter accounts in promoting one to the other very, very well because you say “Last week @Dharilo co-hosted @socialmedia …,” (and you’re tagging everybody, which is awesome) “co-hosted @socialmediatoday’s #SMT live Twitter chat and talked about all the different ways you can target your audience both organically and in ads on Instagram and Facebook. Get the full recap here.”

You link to the recap. It’s a great photo of you, and then you take it a step further. You tagged your Dhariana profile to it. And something I think people don’t really think about when we … If you have a photo in your tweet, you can tag people. You can tag up to 10 people.

Now you never want to do this where you’re just randomly tagging people tag to get to their attention because if they don’t know you, if it’s not relevant to them, they’re going to be upset, and they might block you. Or or …

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, it gets a little weird spam.

Madalyn Sklar: Or they might think it’s spam. Yeah. So the best thing to do is tag relevant people, especially people you talk about. Well in this tweet, your company Supremacy Marketing is talking about you. So in this tweet they tag you, and what’s great about that is when you’re on a browser (I’m looking in a browser right now) underneath the big photo you got … I’m reading the tweet, and then there’s the big photo.

Underneath it, it has your name, and it’s almost like you are captioning. You know how like you’ll see a photo caption underneath, right? So it’s like you’re capturing it. And in the beauty of this, and this is, I think so many of you guys listening can learn from this, goes back to Dhariana with having a cool name in her Twitter name.

So you know, says “Dhariana Lozano – NYC Social Media Consultant.” Uh, so, so that’s what you see underneath the photo. So it’ll make more sense if you go to the show notes and go look at this, I’ll embed it into the show notes.

And you also tag Social Media Today, which is smart because that’s letting them know you put this tweet out so they’ll be more inclined to share it, to retweet it or comment.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. But absolutely. Yeah, tweet. Tweeting is not so straightforward. Just sometimes there’s a lot of little things that you can do to maximize. And, um, I think that’s why people come to you, Madalyn, to get these extra little tidbits that kind of push your account to the next level and push the envelope on what you’d do.

Madalyn Sklar: Well. And you too, cause you know so much of this. That’s why I always like bringing you on to all the Twitter things I do with the Twitter chat and this podcast because you know a lot. You share great tips and advice. And I know everybody listening is, you know, if they’re sitting down somewhere, they’re taking notes.

Now, I also take notes for you guys so you can go over to MadalynSklar.com and get the show notes for this episode. But I’m going to definitely embed that tweet because this is such a great example of an awesome tweet when you’re promoting both your personal Twitter account and your business Twitter account.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. And I think it comes down to personal choice, and, and your bandwidth when it comes to separating the two businesses. So a lot of people actually do ask me the same question, like should I keep them separate?

But, um, I, it’s something that I can’t answer for you, and you kind of have to figure it out. But there are advantages to keeping it separate.

But like you said, Madalyn, it’s double the work. Um, and, and you know, it’s just more effort, but there are there perks of keeping it. There’re both a little bit separate. Uh, you can show more personality. Uh, there’s, you know, like you said, the potential to kind of amplify your message using both accounts.

So there’s, there’s pros and cons to both. Um, like I said, just think about your bandwidth, uh, what you can handle tweeting if you have the time. It’s just that it’s a time thing. Luckily I have a partner so you know, I have some help. Uh, it’s not just me on the account. And that’s another thing. I have a partner, so it’s, we both have input on this new Twitter account for this business that we created together.

Madalyn Sklar: That’s awesome. Well, it’s always nice having help, that’s for sure. It makes it a lot easier.

Dhariana Lozano: Definitely. Yeah, absolutely. There’s, there’s, you know, there’s different view points, and it’s just easier to kind of merge them together into just one account instead of kind of playing off one or the other. Right.

Madalyn Sklar: These were amazing tips. Do you have more for us?

Dhariana Lozano:I, well, actually both. … The other thing I wanted to mention was to join Twitter chats. I mean – just amazing. I love the #TwitterSmarter chat.

Dhariana Lozano: There’s such a fantastic community that you’ve built around it, and I just can’t stress enough the kinds of … Joining chats there … You know, you meet new people if you are … And they have chats for every industry, so you can’t tell me that there’s not, there’s not a chat for your audience. And if there isn’t one, create it because there’s going to be a need for it.

Madalyn Sklar: Start your own. Exactly. You know, whenever people say, “Oh, I can’t find one for my …” it’s like … then you just … This will go to your tip number one: Just do it.

Dhariana Lozano: Just do it.

Madalyn Sklar: Be the one, be the voice. I always tell people, hey, if you want to get noticed on your industry and get seen as an industry leader, hosting your own Twitter chat can, can really help. At minimum, it’ll get you there faster. You’ll, you’ll get seen by so many people in your industry, and they’ll look to you as the expert. So, it’s a little bit of work, but it can really pay off.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, I mean I love, I know I miss it sometimes, but I always look back to … And you do an amazing job of using Twitter moments to recap everything and bundle it up for people who may have missed it, like I do sometimes.

Um, but I, it’s just such a valuable information. You get different input and different ideas, and if you are a business and you join a chat that includes your target audience, it’s a great way to start and be part of conversations and that what social media is all about, especially nowadays with all the algorithms and whatnot. It’s just, it’s becoming, I think it’s pivoting more towards going out there and being social, which was the point in the beginning. Right?

Madalyn Sklar: Absolutely.
So, can you tell us … that tweet I referenced right before you mentioned you had tweeted that you had co-hosted SMT live. Can you tell everybody what chat that is, what it’s about?

Dhariana Lozano: Sure. So, um, Social Media Today hosts a weekly chat, #SMTlive, and they just go through different topics in social media. It changes every week. Um, it’s pretty active, not as active as yours, Madalyn, but it’s still a great resource.

There’s really, um, great marketers that chime in and give their input. So that one’s a little different, uh, because the topics switch every week. They are more general. They kind of talk about everything in social media marketing, so they pick a specific topic every week.

The one that I spoke about was uh, it’s targeting your audience specifically on Facebook and Instagram, but it’s a great one to keep up with if, if you kind of need an overview of what’s going on in social, in general.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah, that’s a good one. There’s so many chats out there.

Dhariana Lozano: There’s so many good ones. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, yours is one of my favorites. Your audience is so involved.

Madalyn Sklar: It’s a great community. I mean, all I do is like, hey everybody, let’s get together for an hour on Thursday, one o’clock Eastern. And I can’t control the rest, and I’m just amazed that week after week we get such a great community of people.

I always stress that Twitter chats are great with connecting with like-minded people because that’s who shows up. They’re going to be people just like you, and that’s what makes it so great. And this month, we’re celebrating four years of the #TwitterSmarter chat. I started it July of 2015.

Dhariana Lozano: Wow, that’s amazing. Happy Anniversary.

Madalyn Sklar: Thank you. Thank you.

Dhariana Lozano: That’s a long time.

Madalyn Sklar: I love, I love this tip on joining Twitter chats cause that I, you know, I just can’t stress that enough, and I’ll be sure in the show notes to have a link to an article, uh, I put out years ago, but I update it all the time where it’s a list of what I put together of the top social media and marketing chats. And it’s MadalynSklar.com/chatlist.

It’s a very easy link to get to, but I’ll also link it in the show notes because I know some of you are driving or you’re working out or you’re doing something where you can’t just stop and go type in something on your phone or a browser on your computer. So I’ll have those show notes.

But yeah, I call it the “Very Best Twitter Chats for Social Media and Marketing.” And basically I compiled this list and just trying to make it easy for everyone. I have #SNTlive in here, and that’s every Tuesday at 12 o’clock eastern.

Dhariana Lozano: Yes. And you, you’re just a treasure trove of information and tips, and I love it. You’re such an amazing resource.

Madalyn Sklar: Thank you. As it’s just been my mission. You know, I just, I love helping people. I learned so much. I like to turn around and share my knowledge with the world and that’s just something that makes me happy. And so it doesn’t even feel like work for me. This is something that just makes me very happy when it helps other people.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. You can tell and, yeah I’ve, I’ve been so much from you just you know, watching you, and I love our chats. And I thought … I always come away with, with new information, and, yeah, follow Madalyn.

Madalyn Sklar: Ah, and foll … And everybody follow Dhariana ’cause she’s awesome. You’ll love her Twitter feed cause, Dhariana, you always have great tweets, and people can really learn and get new ideas and strategies from looking at what you’re doing.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. Thank you so much. I, you know, I try to keep it interesting. It’s Twitter. I love when people reach out to me, talking to people and just again, like you said, just sharing information. And, yeah, it makes me happy. I love when people can take away a tip and actually put it into use and then get great results. I mean, if you follow our steps, you will get results.

Madalyn Sklar: Oh for sure. And we’ll definitely get homework for everybody. After you finished listening to the episode, we’ll have a call to action, and I’ll, I’ll give you, you know, some, some homework to do. Nothing difficult but just something like, you know, a take away from today that will help you, you know, get noticed by more people on Twitter. So, that’s the goal here. Now Dhariana what are some of your favorite apps and tools that help you use Twitter better?

Dhariana Lozano: So I really use Hootsuite a lot for scheduling my tweets and just having a, an overview of what’s going on with my account. Mostly for scheduling though, I like the list view. I’ve used different tools, and for some reason just keep coming back to Hootsuite for that calendar lists. Do you use Hootsuite, Madalyn?

Madalyn Sklar: Me too, yes. I’m a long-time user of Hootsuite. I started back when they were brand new, and I remember when Tweetdeck came out it was very similar. But I just didn’t like the look and the layout, and it was really dark.

Dhariana Lozano: Me too.

Madalyn Sklar: And it felt clunky and Hootsuite was so much easier and nicer to look at. It was more visually appealing even though they’re basically the same. So I’m saying I stuck with Hootsuite all this time. I tried to go to Tweetdeck especially now that tweetchat.com no longer works, and that was the best website to help you participate in a Twitter chat. So I’ve been using Tweetdeck for that, but, honestly, sometimes it’s actually easier and faster if I just go to twitter.com to be on a … participate in all my chats… Tweetdeck is a little much.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, yeah. It’s so funny. I used to use Tweet Chat as well, but you know last … When I did the Social Media Today chat I had a little behind-the-scenes video, and I was like … I just have all these tabs open. And it was like my notifications and the account I was chatting with and the hashtag, and it just felt easier for me to to it that way than to use Tweetdeck.

So Hootsuite is definitely, my go-to for scheduling. I like the list view. I just like seeing all the filled-in dates and, like, just a list of all the tweets that are going out. Um, eh buffer’s great for scheduling retweets.

And I also use Agorapulse to look at analytics. Um, I, I look at Twitter analytics but I am, I just like having different views of things, um, which can be a little bit redundant or could feel redundant, but I just, it just helps me because Agorapulse has these great, um, charts that, uh, kind of populate on their own. And it’s easy to look at if you want one-glance view. But you know, I mostly use analytics.twitter.com but, um, I do use Agorapulse to look at analytics as well.

Madalyn Sklar: That is awesome. Those are really great tools. Hootsuite, Agorapulse and Tweetdeck. I mean, I’m not knocking Tweetdeck. A lot of people use it. Yeah. A lot of people like it. I always say it’s a preference, you know, try them both and see which one.

But I have found during a Twitter chat I prefer Tweetdeck with the columns and the way I can … ’cause one of the things I like about Tweetdeck that Hootsuite doesn’t do. So when I’m on … so let’s say I’m going to use it for the #TwitterSmarter chat this week, and I had the different columns. I have the column with my mentions so I don’t miss anybody talking to me during the chat. And then I had the #TwitterSmarter hashtags, so I, of course, see all the tweets. But I also like to have a column with the guests so I can make sure I see all their tweets. I want to like and retweet them all.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah.

Madalyn Sklar: But I don’t want their retweets. I just want their tweets because during Twitter chats people like to retweet a lot. I retweet a lot. And In Tweet Chat, you can set it to exclude retweets in the column, and I love that.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s definitely a preference thing. Like you said. You have to try it. You have to try different things and see what works for you.

And sometimes it’s a mix. Like I use a mix of tools. It’s not just a one-stop shop, and it’s just, like you said, it’s a preference thing. I like how Hootsuite looks. I like how Buffer is easy to schedule retweets, but I’ll go in manually and do it, you know, on Twitter as well as things come in. So you find your groove, I guess, as to how you like to use it.

Madalyn Sklar: For sure. I love that you said that ’cause I’m big fan of telling people experiment, try it. You might like something different than I do, and that’s okay. There’s no rule book that says you have to use the tools that Madalyn says or Dhariana says, you know. You know, we’re giving you lots of info. So you take it. You run with it and then do what works best for you.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. And there’s new things coming out all the time. And I know we both test all the new stuff that comes out , and then some will stick and some don’t. You know, there’s times where I’ve left Hootsuite, but I ended up coming back every time. So, you know, I can’t, I can’t, that’s one of my favorites for tweets.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah. There’s always shiny new objects all the time. I do the same. You look at them, check them out and see like, okay, does this help me do my job better? Does it help me? Do I just like it, or, okay, it’s not really working out and I’ll just go back to what I was doing.

Dhariana Lozano: Right. Yeah. Yeah.

Madalyn Sklar: That’s great. Well these are a lot of tips and tools you’ve shared. This is amazing. Are there any other tools or did that cover your list?

Dhariana Lozano: I think that that covered everything. Those are the basic ones. Um, I know if we dive in we could probably have a whole other podcast just about tools. But those are …

Madalyn Sklar: Those are like a part two.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. But those are my favorite ones. Those are just the ones that I go back to. And I think I covered all my tips, but my main business to go back to Madalyn’s account, I mean I love, I just have to say, I love how you do the list tweets, um, the ones that you’ve been doing recently with like the basic unspoken rules of Twitter and you list everything out. I love those so much. So take a look.

Madalyn Sklar: That was experimenting. You know, it’s so funny because I’ll just try different things and see what, what grabs people, what gets them to like and retweet. And this is a reason why looking at your analytics is so important because if you’re not paying attention to your analytics, then you’re not paying attention to what tweets work and what don’t.

And of course it’s subjective because sometimes it’s just the time of day you do it. Yeah. So you can’t go by one thing, but this, this unspoken Twitter rules. I, I actually, it started from a Twitter chat. I use this .

Dhariana Lozano: A Twitter chat. Right, yes.

Madalyn Sklar: People loved it. So I thought, Huh, let me keep playing with this. So I’ve been posting it as a tweet on my profile a couple of times in the last week. And first it was, you know, um, uh, Twitter, “Twitter Rules That Are Unspoken” or something like that. And then I redid it yesterday, and I changed the headline to say “Unspoken Twitter Rules,” and I’ll do something like maybe change the emojis.

I like to have an emoji in front of it because it’s kinda like that’s like a bullet point basically but using an emoji. And then I find a cool photo that fits with what I’m talking about, and I put my #TwitterSmarter hashtag. You know, if you’re branding a hashtag, this is a great way to do this.

But yeah, people are loving this little list tweets. It’s just an experiment. So much of what I do, Dhariana, is an experiment just to see what works, and so far it’s working well.

Dhariana Lozano: Just do it.

Madalyn Sklar: Just do it.

Dhariana Lozano: Just do it.

Madalyn Sklar: Just do it. Exactly.

Dhariana Lozano: And you know, that also goes to show … like so many tips here … It goes to show that there’s, there’s an endless amount of content, and you just have to look. Sometimes it’s things that you’ve already done and you kind of just rework them to fit into the Twitter, um, the Twittersphere, you know, like the different…

Madalyn Sklar: Repurpose.

Dhariana Lozano: Yes.

Madalyn Sklar: Repurposing. And you know, I’m on a mission right now to repurpose a lot of my content ’cause I’ve been putting out these articles all year in 2019, just different articles that are all about, you know, Twitter how tos and Twitter tips. And, um, and it’s easy to go “Just go to my website, MadalynSklar.com. Go to the blog and you’ll see, uh, the category is called Twitter tips.”

And what I’m doing, Dhariana, is I’m going back through these articles. I’ve got like maybe 20 of them by now. I’ve got a lot, and I’m just like pulling like bits and pieces for these kinds of list tweets I’m trying to, you know, experiment with to see what do people like.

And another experiment I’ve been doing that’s working really well is I love doing the pinned tweet. I think pinned tweets are really important, but I’m doing them now as a thread. And this is another experiment.

Um, somebody was talking with me about this recently on Twitter, and we were talking, cause I have an article about Twitter threads, I’ll have that in the show notes and I have a little how to video on how to do a Twitter thread. I have all this information on it. So I thought let me, let me, when I do my, each week I have a pinned tweet of that week’s article, the new Twitter, how to article.

So if you do a thread … and I don’t want to go into a long thing here ’cause that’d be a whole episode. But um, if you, if you do your tweet before you post it, you hit the little plus at the bottom to add another tweet to the thread. You start with two, and when you have two it … It leaves it.

So it’s basically, it’s always hanging and yet any time you can go in and add to it. So right now I can go to my pinned tweet, and I’ve got, I’ve got one, two, three, four, I got four of them, and I did them in succession.

This particular, if you go look, I’ll have to … by the time you guys hear this, I’ll have a different pinned tweet up. But I’ll be sure to put this in the show notes ’cause it’s an interesting experiment I’m doing is the first one is, you know, all about this new article – so like knew Twitter tips article. I have the headline. I have the link in a little small blurb and the photo. And then I purposely did the one underneath it as the threads.

So it’s going to go out as two tweets at once, but I just took a little bit of that information. And I put daily Twitter tasks for better ROI, and I put some bullet points and the link. And that leaves it open, so then a day later I went in and then I did weekly Twitter tasks.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, I’m looking at it now.

Madalyn Sklar: And the day after I went in and did your call to action. I took bits and pieces out of the blog so I didn’t have to rewrite. I’m just grabbing the best of and breaking them up into these tweets. And at any time I can now go into the last tweet, which was the call to action, and then underneath it, it says add another tweet. When you’re the ones originating the tweets as a thread, you’ll be the only one that sees that. So at any time I could restart, restart, just get this conversation going …

Dhariana Lozano: Genius.

Madalyn Sklar: … just by doing that. Well, the guy, he and I were talking about Twitter threads the other day or some time last week and we got on this discussion about it. He was responding to my article about Twitter threads, and I will have that in the show notes.

So you guys, don’t worry. I’ll have all that information in there if you want to learn more about it. But he was telling me about a way he was doing it, and it was basically kind of this method. So I thought, let me try it out. Let me see. Experiment. And I’m just, and one thing I’ve always noticed is that when you use emojis for bullet points, people love that. You get …

Dhariana Lozano: People love it. It’s eye catching. Yeah. It catches your eye more than like the, if you do dashes or check marks or whatever it might be. It just, it’s just more eye catching it. This is a really interesting experiment. I’m going to keep an eye on it.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah. Try it. I want everybody to try it, and they were proud to me. But yeah, it’s just little things when you’re, when you’re on other people’s profiles, like if you’re looking at mine, or looking at Dhariana’s, you know, find things you can pull from that that you can try. And it might work for you, and it might not.

You know, what I’m doing with these threads may not work for you, and that’s okay. You may come up with a different spin on it. That works great for you, and that’s awesome.

So it … basically what … What I’m trying to do with this podcast – and bringing awesome people on like Dhariana here – is to share a lot of these tips that you don’t necessarily think about that you’re not trying out. And when you hear us talk about it, it’s like, oh, light bulb goes off, like, “Wow, I’m going to try. I’m going to experiment with that today.” And you will be amazed at the results you get.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah. I mean you, you get inspired by looking at other people’s feeds. I mean, I looked at your feed, and I get inspired. And I’m like, “I need to try that.”

And you know, as I, I’ve taken a break from, from writing for like a month just because, you know, I’ve kind of hit writer’s block. But I was sitting thinking, and I was like, “You know, I’ve written so much. I should try doing tidbits.”

And [I looked at] your account, and you’ve been doing such an amazing job at it. And I was inspired to … I have to actually do it (inaudible) a list today. Um, but you know, I was inspired to compile all the things that I’ve written because there’s just so much information. Like why try to do something new when I have it all. I just need to organize it a little bit and present it in different ways.

Um, you know, you don’t always catch the, uh, you don’t catch the information or the message that first time you hear it, but maybe when it’s reconstructed you, you know, it hits you. And you’re actually were like, “Oh!” And a light bulb goes on. So I like that you’re repurposing and reconstructing your content.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah. Well, if you’re building up content, which is what I’ve been doing, you write lots of articles, writes up lots of blog posts. I know you have lots of content. It’s sometimes easier to just take the content you’ve already written, you’ve already done, and just repurpose it into another format.

So I’m just taking my long, long form blog posts and getting little bits and pieces into tweets that have an impact and help people. And then you draw them back to the, the article. You know, in each one of these tweets there is a link that brings you back to the article ’cause that’s the whole point.

I want that … I want to give them … pack, a punch, give some good tips in my 280 character space that I get on Twitter and send them over to the website to read the rest of the article.

Dhariana Lozano: Yeah, it’s a genius. I love it.

Madalyn Sklar: Well, thank you so much. Well, you’re a genius. You shared lots of awesome advice. This is so great, Dhariana. How can our listeners get in touch with you if they want to reach out to you or learn more about what you do?

Dhariana Lozano: So there’s always Twitter: @Dharilo. That’s “@-D-h-a-r-i-I-o.” Or Dharilo.com. That’s my blog. I have a ton of blog posts, um, and tips. And, but yeah, tweet with me. I mean, I, that’s the easiest way to reach me. That’s where I noticed the fastest, I think.

Madalyn Sklar: I love that. All right guys, you heard it from her. Tweet her. She wants to chat with you, and we definitely want to hear what you thought of this episode. Send us both a tweet. And uh, share with us your thoughts and your takeaways and what you’re going to do moving forward.

So, thank you so much Dhariana for being my guest today and sharing your vast knowledge of Twitter marketing.

Dhariana Lozano: Thank you so much for having me. It’s been a blast as always. And yeah, I hope to see some people tweet at us … And let us know what … There was so much information here, so just pick one thing that you walked away with and tweet it at us.

Madalyn Sklar: Yeah, just do it. … Yeah, we’ll be waiting. We’re both going to be just sitting here waiting. So come on.

Dhariana Lozano: I’m just going to refresh over and over again right now.

Madalyn Sklar: Awesome. Thank you everybody for listening. Thank you Dhariana.

Dhariana Lozano: Thank you. Thank you again.