#59: Exploring the New Twitter Desktop Design with Madalyn Sklar

Exploring the New Twitter Desktop Design With Madalyn Sklar

Episode Summary

In this solo episode, I describe the top new features and refreshed look of Twitter’s new desktop redesign – the first big design change in seven years. These highlights will help you rock Twitter like a pro! This episode is the audio version of my blog post on the same topic.

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Episode Highlights

Note: As of August 2019, the new Twitter design had been rolled out to almost everyone. If you don’t have it yet, be patient. It’s on it’s way.

Madalyn’s Highlights of Twitter’s New Desktop Design:

  • Easier navigation with a revamped, left-hand sidebar. It replaces the old drop-down menu and gives you easier access to everything, including:
    • Messages – A new, more-organized home for direct messages that replaces having to switch screens to go from one message to another.
    • Bookmarks – A new feature for bookmarking a tweet, an alternative to liking tweets. Bookmarking tweets creates a private, curated list. To bookmark a tweet, click on a tweet’s up arrow icon and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.” To find the tweets you saved, select “Bookmarks” in the sidebar.
    • Display (Under “More”) – A cool new feature that allows you to customize font size, colors (for hashtag links, @ mentions, and buttons) and background (Default, Dim, Lights Out).
  • The ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts without having to log in and out.

My Favorite Quotes

“Now, no matter where you are on Twitter, everything is right there for you to easily navigate. The new design provides quick access to all your favorite Twitter features.” – Madalyn SklarClick To Tweet
“Sending direct messages has definitely been made easier with this updated Twitter desktop design.” – Madalyn SklarClick To Tweet

Tools, Links, and Apps Mentioned

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Call to Action

Your call to action for this episode is to start exploring the updated Twitter desktop design:

  • Take a look at the new home for direct messages.
  • Play around with custom colors and the dark mode.
  • Just have fun checking it all out!

Take a moment to send me a tweet @MadalynSklar and let me know whether you like the new Twitter desktop design or not. I’d love to hear from you.

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