10 Strategies on Using Twitter for Lead Generation

Twitter for lead generation

Years ago, we were using Twitter to share the most random updates, like what we had for lunch. And while we still do that on occasion, many of us are much more strategic with the content we share on the platform.

These days, we’re using it as a tool to grow our communities. We’re using Twitter for lead generation to find new clients and customers for our businesses. And it’s also become an educational resource for expanding our knowledge (largely thanks to some incredible Twitter chats).

10 Strategies on Using Twitter for Lead Generation

If you’re not actively finding new leads via Twitter, you’re missing out on a lot of the potential this platform could provide for you. And it’s time to make a change! To get started, here are 10 basic tips to consider if you’re using Twitter for lead generation.

1. Write a Great Twitter Bio That Communicates Your Value

Even though you only have 160 characters to work with when writing your Twitter bio, you still want to make an impact. This is your opportunity to communicate to other users what you’re all about so they can decide if you’re someone they’d be interested in following.

When using Twitter for lead generation, it’s important that you make your profile highly discoverable. And one of the ways to do this is by incorporating relevant keywords and hashtags in your bio. This way, whenever someone searches one of the words or phrases on Twitter, you’ll likely come up in their search results.

twitter bio

As you can see in the image above, my Twitter bio uses the phrase “Twitter strategy.” If someone searched this on the platform, there’s a good chance they’d see my profile pop up. They’d view my account and see this is something I frequently tweet about. I have also added the hashtag for my weekly Twitter chat, which allows me to show up in searches for the hashtag while also sharing it so others can join.

As you write your bio, think about what kind of value people can expect to receive when they follow you. Also, don’t be afraid to include any additional links that you might want to share. I linked to my podcast to draw in more listeners since my primary link goes to my website.

2. Pin a Tweet Your Target Audience Will Find Irresistible

Far too many people forget about this very valuable piece of real estate on their Twitter profiles. The pinned tweet is one of the first things a visitor sees, so don’t you want to make sure you’re using it and using it well? Of course!

If you are actively using Twitter for lead generation, think about a specific goal you’d like to achieve through the platform. Want more email subscribers? Use this space to promote your opt-in. Have a new offering that you’re selling? Share it here! Test it out and see what your target audience responds to the best.

Ninja Tip: Get even more mileage from your pinned tweet by using Twitter Threads. Click here for my article showing you how threads work. Each week I take my brand new #TwitterTips article (like this) and create at least two tweets as a thread. I then pin the first tweet of the thread. Click here to see an example of a threaded tweet. You’ll see the main tweet at the top and below it are the additional tweets in the thread. At any time I can add more tweets by clicking on “Add another Tweet” at the bottom of the thread. This allows me to keep the conversation going and giving me more exposure which then helps me get more leads.

3. Design a Dedicated Twitter Landing Page for Visitors

Another great option is to create a specific landing page for those who visit you via social media. This is an opportunity to give an overview of who you are, what you do, and who you serve. Plus, you can include links to your email opt-in, products or services, or anything else that you think people might be interested in.

4. Create Content With Your Audience in Mind

Part of attracting new leads is creating the kind of content they’re most interested in. People can count on me to share Twitter tips and articles related to social media marketing. However, if I spent most of my time tweeting links to recipes… I would attract a completely different audience. An audience that wouldn’t be interested in my blog, my podcast, or my Twitter chat.

You can always count on seeing great Twitter tips on my account!

It’s better to be strategic about the things you tweet. Think about what your audience wants to learn about. Are there specific topics they’re interested in? That’s what you should be sharing! It’s okay to veer from those topics from time to time, but overall you want to stay focused.

5. Craft Captivating Tweets That Will Grab Attention

Once you have some ideas on what to share on Twitter, it’s important that you craft tweets that people actually enjoy. This includes getting creative with your copy, adding eye-catching visuals, and incorporating a strong call to action so people know what to do next. No more tweeting just blog headlines and a link!

I have a blog post all about how to write better tweets, so make sure you read it next!

6. Optimize Your Posting Schedule to Reach Your Target Audience

Let’s be real here. If you’re posting at all the wrong times, how can you expect to reach your targeted audience? That’s why you need to be smart about when you’re publishing your tweets. No more tweeting only late at night when a majority of your followers are asleep.

It was previously reported that the lifespan of a single tweet is around 20 minutes. Crazy, right? But it’s all the more reason to be smart about when you post.

HubSpot says you can’t go wrong if you tweet between 8:00 AM and 10:00, as well as 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. They also feel that weekends are the best for tweeting if you’re a B2C company, while B2B will see the best results during the week.

7. Step Up & Actively Search Twitter for Potential Leads

As mentioned before, you absolutely want your account to be discoverable in Twitter searches. But if you’re just sitting around and waiting for people to find you, you’re using Twitter for lead generation all wrong. You have to be proactive and put yourself out there.

Take the time to search Twitter for potential leads who could be interested in your content, as well as your paid offerings. You can find them by searching topics they may be talking about or hashtags they might be using. You can even keep an eye out for conversations that are already taking place and join in if you have something valuable to share.

What’s important here is that you’re stepping up and putting in the work to get yourself seen.

Some key conversations to look out for:

  • Tweets that are asking questions related to your industry.
  • Tweets are are requesting recommendations.
  • And even tweets about your competitors (not to bash them, but to help and add value).

Ninja tip: Twitter’s Advanced Search will help you uncover these leads. Be sure to bookmark this link: https://twitter.com/search-advanced.

8. Organize People Into Lists for Better Engagement

Once you start finding leads, organize them into Twitter lists so you can stay in touch and follow-up with them easily. This can be a private list that you create for your own use, meaning no one else can see it or subscribe to it. Also, users that you add won’t be notified that they were placed on the list.

Then, you can access this list whenever you want and pay attention to the conversations they’re having. Notice the questions they’re asking so you can create content that answers them. Take time to engage by joining or starting conversations so you can establish relationships. This is all part of generating those leads!

9. Join Twitter Chats to Establish New Connections

If you want to have fun and learn a thing or two while using Twitter for lead generation, join a Twitter chat! While chats aren’t the time to promote your business, it is the time to meet new people and make connections with others. And this will ultimately increase the likelihood that potential clients and customers could find you.

For those who haven’t joined a Twitter chat and need some tips on getting started, make sure you read my guide.

10. Experiment With Twitter Ads to Increase Awareness

And of course, one of the most obvious ways to use Twitter for lead generation is to incorporate paid ads into your strategy. While many people turn to Facebook or Instagram for this, Twitter is still a great platform to utilize if your audience is there.

You can experiment with ads that promote your free email opt-in, for example, if you’re looking to get a boost in subscribers. It’s simple, but can be very effective when done right.

Call to Action:

  • Give your profile a facelift so that you’re clearly communicating what you’re all about to potential visitors of your Twitter page. Make sure you’re giving them a great first impression!
  • Then, set a goal to reach out to a specific number of new people each week. You could start small at five people and prioritize having conversations and getting to know them better.
  • Make sure you’re showing up and putting yourself out there on a consistent basis to really drive more leads back to your site!