#68: How to Make and Keep Real Connections on Twitter, with Sarah Clay

#TwitterSmarter Podcast Ep 68: How to Make and Keep Real Connections on Twitter, with Sarah Clay

In this episode, Sarah Clay shares how to make real connections on Twitter that grow and support you and your business. She’ll give you tips on being yourself and on how to nurture relationships in the hectic world of Twitter marketing.

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Guest Biography

Sarah Clay is an award winning Social Media Expert and runs her own Social Media Consultancy firm. She manages social media accounts for the hospitality industry and also gives private workshops to entrepreneurs, teaching them how to run their own social media. Clients have included Barbie, Fisher-Price, Bob The Builder, The Turk’s Head Twickenham, The Admiralty Pub in Trafalgar Square, and Just Strong.

Episode Highlights

Sarah Clay’s Tips for Real Twitter Connections:

Basic, Must-do Tips for Being Authentic on Twitter:

  • Be yourself on Twitter. (Use your own voice, your own language. Talk about things you like talking about.)
  • Handle your own Twitter engagement. Don’t pay anyone to do it all for you.

How to connect while showing your true self on Twitter:

  • Join Twitter chats related to your field, your interests. (Find all kinds of chats here and chats for social media and marketing here.)
  • Get to know people during Twitter chats.
  • Encourage your peers in between chats.
  • Use tools, like Agorapulse, to see who in your audience is commenting on your posts and then jump into those conversations and add value.
  • Use video replies in tweets and direct messages on Twitter.
  • Create customized GIFs and use them to reply to people on Twitter.
  • Upload video clips from Instagram Stories saved to your phone camera roll to Twitter so people can see your face, hear your voice.
  • Notice what your audience does and doesn’t respond to on Twitter (through comments and likes) and then give them what they respond to. Stop posting what they don’t respond to.

My Favorite Quotes

“Twitter is about being real, authentic, and making the most amazing connections with other people.” – Sarah ClayClick To Tweet
“When you've seen somebody on video you feel like you know them. The first time you and I met in person, it was like we were old friends because we'd seen each other on video.” – Sarah ClayClick To Tweet

Tools, Links, and Apps Mentioned:

How to Reach Sarah Clay

You can connect with Sarah Clay on Twitter and her website.

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