6 Easy Hacks to Generate More Conversations on Twitter

generate more conversations on twitter

Recently, I shared a post on how to get the most out of your Twitter presence. And one of the tips from that post was to make engaging with your community a top priority. And it’s all because I’m a firm believer that social media is meant to be social.

But what if you’re not actually having conversations with people? How can you change that?

Well, I’m sharing six hacks that will help you generate more conversations on Twitter! This way, you can find and create plenty of valuable conversations of your own to start building new relationships with others on the platform.

6 Easy Hacks to Generate More Conversations on Twitter

These tips are things you can start implementing on a daily or weekly basis to ensure you’re actively putting yourself out there and connecting with others. Because what’s the point in being on social media if you aren’t making those connections?

1. Ask & Answer Questions

One of the simplest ways to generate more conversations on Twitter is to start asking or answering questions. If you want to get replies on social media, ask your audience a question that you’d love to get answers on. This is great for doing market research as well! Or ask a question that you know will kick off a lively, fun conversation.

If you see people asking questions in your feed and you have something valuable to share, take the time to answer them. Not seeing any questions? Search topics related to your niche to find some that you can respond to!

2. Use a Person’s Bio as a Conversation Starter

Sometimes getting a conversation going is the hardest part. What do you even say?! When you’re with someone in person, the default is always to bring up the weather, but that’s not very exciting. So, there’s an easy way you can do this on social media.

Read their bio! A person’s Twitter bio could help get some ideas flowing for how you can start the conversation. Ask about their job, hobbies, or interests that they’ve shared. Maybe you share an interest in the same sports team or you’re from the same area. This information can be really helpful and it shows you’re paying attention!

3. Add Your Own Thoughts When Sharing Curated Content

When you share curated content, do you simply write the blog post’s title and include a link? Well, that’s not going to cut it if you want to generate more conversations on Twitter! Instead, you should take the time to add your own thoughts to the post. Give your overall opinion on the piece or mention a tip you really liked. It increases the likelihood that someone else will chime in with their opinion as well.

4. Retweet a Post & Add a Comment

Building off that same tip… Whenever you come across a tweet you love and want to share with your audience, it’s easy to just retweet it with a couple clicks. But why not take the time to add your own comment? It allows you to share your opinion and build off the original conversation, while also giving the opportunity to keep it going.

The original poster might respond to you. Others may see your tweet and chime in with their own thoughts. This can really be effective when you want to generate more conversations on Twitter as opposed to a simple retweet.

5. Search Twitter for Conversations Already Taking Place

If you’re not seeing many great conversations taking place between those you follow, go out in search of them! You can easily search Twitter based on topics related to your niche or hashtags your target audience uses. Scroll through and find some tweets you can reply to and get the conversation flowing. Using Twitter’s Advanced Search is great for this!

6. Participate in Twitter Chats

When it comes to engaging on Twitter, chats are where it’s at! They’re a busy hour that’s packed with valuable tips and incredible conversations taking place between people that are based all over the world. And if you’re not taking part, well, you’re really missing out! They are hands down one of the best ways to generate more conversations on Twitter.

Find Twitter chats in your field and start joining them on a consistent basis. Being a regular helps people to get to know you and it opens you up to a ton of amazing conversations. Not only that, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from others. If you haven’t joined a chat before, read my guide on Twitter chats for more tips and check out my list of the best social media and marketing chats.

Call to Action:

  • Make a commitment, right here and right now, to start having more conversations on Twitter.
  • Brainstorm some questions you can ask your community that will get the ball rolling.
  • And search some relevant terms for your niche to discover and join conversations that are already happening.