#74: How to Use Twitter Lists and GIFs to Connect with People, Featuring Alan Hennessy

#TwitterSmarter Podcast Episode 74: How to Use Twitter Lists and GIFs to Connect with People, Featuring Alan Hennessy

In this episode, Alan Hennessy shares tons of wisdom about Twitter lists, the benefits of mixing up your tweets, and how to connect with people on Twitter.

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Guest Biography

Alan Hennessy is a digital and content marketing consultant and CEO of Kompass Media. He is also a social media trainer, keynote speaker and podcaster (Social Media Talks podcast) with over 15 years of experience in digital and social media marketing.

Episode Highlights

Alan Hennessy’s tips on how to use Twitter lists and GIFs to connect with people:

  1. Create and use Twitter lists to organize the Twitter accounts of people you follow into specific groups. Use them to keep up with their tweets and connect with them.
    • Example: Create a Twitter list of conference speakers before you attend conferences. You can follow their feeds leading up to the event to help you connect when you meet in person.
    • Use private Twitter lists (to keep an eye on competitors) and public lists (for sharing information like conference speaker Twitter profiles or profiles of people who participate in Twitter chats).
  2. Polish your Twitter bio. Don’t miss out on opportunities within your bio. Include:
    • Your name (not just your company name.).
    • Relevant, clear information about what you do.
    • Hashtags, including event hashtags if you’re a speaker.
    • Social media links.
  3. Mix up your tweets while also adding value.
    • Have fun.
    • Use different formats, including GIFs.

My Favorite Quotes

“Twitter lists are so valuable for being able to watch what's going on with people.” – Alan HennessyClick To Tweet
“Personalizing any type of greeting – whether it just be acknowledgement of someone's tweet – goes so far.” – Alan HennessyClick To Tweet
“At the end of the day, you're trying to give yourself the best opportunity to be as visible as possible.” – Alan HennessyClick To Tweet

Tools, Links, and Apps Mentioned:

How to Reach Alan Hennessy

You can connect with Alan Hennessy on Twitter @KompassMedia and through his website, Kompass Media.

Call to Action

Your call to action is to make a Twitter list of people you want to connect with and then start following their feeds and chat with them. Want to get inspired? Check out my public Twitter lists at Twitter.com/MadalynSklar/lists.

Let me know if your Twitter engagement increases after doing this. Shoot me a tweet at @MadalynSklar. I cannot wait to hear from you!

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