#76: How to Create an Awesome Twitter Content Marketing Strategy, with Todd Giannattasio

#TwitterSmarter Podcast Episode 76: How to Create an Awesome Twitter Content Marketing Strategy, With Todd Giannattasio

In this episode, Todd Giannattasio tells you how to build a rock-solid Twitter content marketing strategy. If you’ve been unsure how yours measures up or how to start one, you’ll love the steps and tools Todd shares.

And as a bonus, he’ll give you access to his FREE Twitter Content Marketing Strategy Guide.

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Guest Biography

Todd Giannattasio is a veteran marketing expert who has been featured by Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Huffington Post for his proven systems to grow brands, generate leads, and increase sales in our constantly evolving, digital world.

Episode Highlights

Todd Giannattasio’s Tips on How to Create an Awesome Twitter Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Know your goal – why you’re using Twitter. Are you trying to:
    • Build awareness?
    • Create engagement?
    • Generate leads?
    • Drive sales?
  2. Work backward from your goal to know how to communicate with people. Todd’s rule is to NOT sell to strangers. He uses Twitter to create engagement and awareness so he can build relationships. In time, that may evolve into customer relationships and sales.
  3. Create a Twitter profile that makes people want to follow you. Post a bio with a value proposition, including:
    • Your target audience.
    • The kind of problems you help people solve.
    • The methods you use that separate you from your competitors.
  4. Post valuable content, including retweets with insights – like what you found valuable about another person’s post.
  5. Own your personality: Be conversational and let your personality shine.
  6. Post consistently:
    • Post storylines on a particular topic and update them. (Use Twitter threads.)
    • Make sure your posts focus on your specific niche. Share posts about a:
      • Problem you solve.
      • Solution you offer.
      • Audience you serve.
    • Follow a three-track posting strategy made up of:
      • Your own content that can be scheduled in an evergreen promotional calendar tool like Social Jukebox or Meet Edgar. BONUS TIP: For each blog post you publish, write and schedule 5-10 social media posts to promote the blog post.
      • Curated content written by others. Todd logs into Feedly once a week to find content that he can retweet via Hootsuite for the coming week.
      • Daily, real-time tweets. Reply to people in the Twitter app.
  7. Create and use Twitter lists to organize (or curate) people you follow into specific groups so you can keep up with their tweets and connect with them.
  8. Use hashtags to increase your visibility, connect with people, search your competitors, and find industry news (by pasting article URLs into the Twitter search box).

My Favorite Quotes

”Think about your Twitter profile and be followable.” – Todd GiannattasioClick To Tweet
”Engaging with insights makes you more followable and it helps you build better relationships, whether that's your audience or strategic partners.” – Todd GiannattasioClick To Tweet
”Leverage technology to make it easier but don't leave out the human side of things. Remember it’s about building relationships and having conversations, particularly on Twitter.” – Todd GiannattasioClick To Tweet

Tools, Links, and Apps Mentioned:

  • Twitter threads – a series of connected tweets from one person
  • SocialJukebox – automated tool for scheduling social media posts
  • Feedly – a free service that gathers news feeds from different online sources so users can organize and share content with others
  • Hootsuite – tool for scheduling all of your social media content, monitoring important conversations, and tracking analytics
  • MeetEdgar – a social media scheduling and automation tool
  • Twitter app – Use Twitter for real-time tweets and engagement.
  • Twitter lists – a list of groups made up of different people’s (or company’s) Twitter accounts that you can use to monitor live Twitter conversations
  • How to Use Twitter lists – Twitter lists are groups of different people’s (or company’s) Twitter accounts that you can create to monitor live Twitter conversations. Lists can be created for free from the Twitter app.
  • How to Use Twitter Threads (Video)
  • How to support this podcast on Patreon

Bonus Gift from Todd: Free Content Marketing Strategy for Twitter

How to Reach Todd Giannattasio

You can connect with Todd Giannattasio on Twitter (@GrowthSuite) and through his website, through his website, Growth Suite.

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Your call to action for this episode is to download Todd’s Twitter Content Marketing Strategy guide. In it, he shares his secret sauce to turning strangers into customers.

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