6 Types of Behind-the-Scenes Content You Can Post to Twitter

behind-the-scenes content

Sharing behind-the-scenes content is an amazing way to build your brand via social media. It gives people an inside look into who you are and what your brand represents. And it builds a connection with your target audience that you need if you want your brand to succeed in the long run.

The key to creating this kind of content (and doing it right) is knowing what to post! That’s why I’m sharing six ideas you can use for Twitter, as well as any other social media platforms that are part of your brand’s strategy.

What’s even better is that these ideas can be brought to life through photos, pre-recorded videos, and live videos. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and play around to see what works best for you.

Why Behind-the-Scenes Content is Great for Your Brand

If you aren’t already posting any kind of behind-the-scenes content on Twitter (or any other social media platform for that matter), it’s time to get started! When you give people that inside look into your brand, it helps to build the Know, Like, and Trust Factor.

They’re able to get to know you better and what you have to offer. Then, they start liking you and it ultimately builds a level of trust. And it’s that trust that you need in order to generate customers and clients for your business. People are only going to buy from brands that they trust!

If you’re looking to grow your community online and develop a deeper connection with them, sharing behind-the-scenes content is definitely one way to go.

6 Behind-the-Scenes Content Ideas to Share

Now that you have a better understanding of the value this kind of content can offer your brand, you might be wondering what you should be posting. Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Showcase Your Personality

Just because you’re building a brand, it doesn’t mean you have to come off as boring and bland. You have an amazing personality in “real life” and your online community deserves to see that. When it comes to behind-the-scenes content, you really want to allow your personality to shine through. That’s what draws people in and forms that connection.

If you’re always cracking a joke in your daily life, show that side of you online. If you’re an upbeat person, allow that to shine through with video content that you share to Twitter. This is what makes you relatable to the people in your online community.

(Creating custom GIFs is actually a fun and easy way to show off your fun side!)

2. Give People a Look Into Your Daily Life

Take your community along on the adventures of your day-to-day life, even if it’s just sharing your process while you’re working. It may not seem like much, but again it just helps to build that connection. It gives the vibe that people are hanging out with you throughout the day. You can share photos to give a little snippet of what you’re up to or post short videos.

Even sharing a photo of your desk (like Tony did above) and encouraging others to do the same is a fantastic way to generate conversations. It gets others talking and inspires them to whip out their phones and share a photo as well.

3. Provide Updates on Projects You’re Working On

This kind of behind-the-scenes content is actually great for building anticipation and potentially generating some future sales. If you have a new project that you’re working on (maybe a course or a service), you can share your progress as you’re developing it.

Give your community little teasers along the way to give them a taste of what’s coming up. It gets them excited about your work and gives them something to look forward to. This way, when it has finally launched, they’ll be ready to sign up or make a purchase.

4. Open Up About Failures & Struggles

It’s tough to open up about the times where you’ve experienced a failure. We often feel that it makes us look weak. But in reality, it’s an opportunity to be transparent with your community about what’s going on in your business. We’re always so quick to post our successes and share only the highlights… Sharing the difficult times is relatable. And it helps people get closer to you when they see that you’ve been through similar things.

5. Share Your Personal Interests & Hobbies

You’re more than just your business. You have interests and hobbies outside of your work that you can share with the world. It reminds people that you’re human and that you do have things going on besides just a to-do list. Share some of your favorite things with your online community and use it as an opportunity to bond with them over any shared interests.

One great idea is to share which books you’re reading, podcasts you’re listening to, or the TV shows you’re watching. It’s actually a great way to generate new conversations with people who are consuming the same content. If you’re working with a coach or taking a course, you can share snippets of new things you’re learning with everyone as well.

Are you learning how to play a new instrument? Share your progress as you practice. Your community is sure to cheer you on. Or maybe you’re on a fitness journey… Social media is a good place to share progress and it’s something that many other people are embarking on as well. It just might serve as a bit of motivation for someone else, plus posting regularly about your journey holds you accountable.

6. Give an Inside Look Into Your Team

If you have an entire team working as part of your brand, let them step into the spotlight from time-to-time. You can post features about each team member, which allows people to get to know them better. It’s nice for your community to know who is working alongside you and supporting you.

One great example is this post from Sprout Social. It introduces their Twitter followers to one of their valued team members, allowing them to see some of the faces working behind the company logo. Plus, the fun facts they shared about Heliz makes her even more relatable to their audience.

You can even share team-building activities for your behind-the-scenes content, whether it’s just a spontaneous lunch together or something you work on in a group setting. It shows how well you all work together. And it reminds people that your team is incredible and that they love the work they’re doing. People want to support great companies! If they see that you take care of your team, they’ll want to support you as well.