#78: Twitter Tips on Personal Branding and Social Selling, with Nick Martin

#TwitterSmarter Podcast Episode 78: Twitter Tips on Personal Branding and Social Selling, with Nick Martin

In this episode, Nick Martin shares Twitter tips on personal branding and social selling, including ideas for using GIFs.

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Guest Biography

Nick Martin is Hootsuite‘s social engagement specialist. He oversees Hootsuite’s online community engagements and coaches all new hires on how to maximize the company’s social media presence.

Episode Highlights

Nick Martin’s Twitter Tips on Personal Branding and Social Selling

Personal Branding Tips

  1. Find a niche within your general niche (or passion). Example: Nick is a social media expert who loves sports, so he connects with other social media experts on Twitter who run social media accounts for major sports teams.
  2. Be professional.
  3. Be nice.
  4. Show your personality by responding to tweets using fun GIFs or images:
    • Find GIFs through the Twitter app or Giphy.com.
    • Create and tweet your own custom GIFs.

Social Selling Tips

  1. Don’t use a hard-sell approach on Twitter.
  2. Focus only on getting to know people and building those relationships.
  3. Use Twitter and LinkedIn for building relationships.

My Favorite Quotes

“A good way to start growing your brand and finding your people on Twitter is to combine your general passion and your general interest and try to find a specific niche within.” – Nick MartinClick To Tweet
“I definitely recommend you take the time to create some customized GIFs for your brand because it's such a fun, engaging way to reach more people and to convey a message.“ – Nick MartinClick To Tweet
“Social selling is all about building and maintaining relationships on social media. (It’s not about the hard sell.) – Nick MartinClick To Tweet

Tools, Links, and Apps Mentioned:

Here’s a tweet Nick mentioned on the power of Twitter, as described by Jack Appleby.


Here’s one of my fun custom GIF tweets.

How to Reach Nick Martin

You can connect with Nick Martin on Twitter @NickAtHootsuite.

Call to Action

Your call to action for this episode is to try Nick’s #1 tip (finding a niche within your general niche or passion) and then follow people in that niche on Twitter and engage with them. Tag me @MadalynSklar and let me know what happens. I’d love to hear about it.

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