10 Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Podcast

using Twitter to promote your podcast

There’s no denying that I love Twitter.

I mean, I have a Twitter chat and a podcast (both named #TwitterSmarter) because I’m passionate about helping others elevate their presence on the platform. And I also practice what I preach… I rely on Twitter to promote things like my blog posts and my podcast.

And now, I want to help you do the same by sharing some tips that will guide you in using Twitter to promote your podcast. This way, you can effectively turn social media followers into enthusiastic podcast listeners!

10 Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Podcast

The first thing to consider before diving into this post is whether or not your audience is active on Twitter. If they are, then this is definitely a platform you want as part of your marketing strategy. And to generate more listeners, you simply need to follow these tips:

1. Make Sure You’ve Mentioned Your Podcast on Your Profile

First and foremost, if you’re using Twitter to promote your podcast, you need to make sure you’ve mentioned it somewhere. You might want to mention it in your Twitter bio or your header image. Or you could even link to it in your pinned tweet if you really want to drive new subscribers your way. After all, you aren’t going to get new listeners if you don’t spread the word!

2. Share a Teaser Before an Episode Goes Live

This is one of the best ways to get people excited for what’s coming up on your podcast. It gives them something to look forward to. It gives them a reason to subscribe if they aren’t already. And isn’t that exactly what you want to compel people to do?

Teasers can be done in a variety of ways. You can tease the topic you’ll be discussing or the guest that you’ll be interviewing. You could even share a snippet of the audio after the episode has been recorded or create a graphic with a quote from your guest. Allow yourself to get creative here. What would get you most excited to tune into an episode? Try that!

3. Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look While Recording Episodes

People love getting a behind-the-scenes look into your life and business. For that reason, I’ve previously shared a post with six ideas for behind-the-scenes content you can publish. And since this kind of content really resonates with people, why not incorporate it into your strategy when using Twitter to promote your podcast?

Post a picture of your podcasting setup. You could share a screenshot of the questions you’re planning to ask your guest. And you could even share a brief video that features you and your guest in action (like the one I’ve included above). It’s super simple, but it’s still a great way to get people looking forward to upcoming episodes. And it tells other people that you have a podcast they should check out!

4. Share Multiple Tweets for a Single Episode

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your podcast, right? And you want to make sure people see it. That’s why you can’t just publish one tweet for each new episode and consider your work to be done. Every episode deserves a few tweets to spread the word about the incredible podcast you’ve created. On the day the episode goes live, schedule a few tweets that will go out at various times of the day to reach a wider audience and multiple time zones.

5. Make Sure One of Those Tweets is an Audio Snippet

When using Twitter to promote your podcast, you need to make sure your tweets stand out on their busy platform. And one of the best ways to do that is to incorporate some sort of visual or audio element to each post you share. Whenever I have a podcast episode go live, I love to use a tool called Wavve to share an audio snippet of the episode.

It’s easy to use and 100% worth it. And as you see above, it looks great too! You can create a short audio of one of the best parts of the episode to whet their appetites and leave them wanting more. Just don’t forget to include the link so they know where to find and listen to the rest of the episode.

6. Use the Right Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

As with any social media platform, hashtags are important for reaching a wider audience when promoting your work. And since you’ve put a lot of work into these episodes, we want to get as many listeners as possible! So, whenever you publish a tweet promoting an episode, don’t forget to use a hashtag.

Your chosen hashtags should be relevant to the episode itself. And you may want to consider creating a branded hashtag that can link episodes together and so your audience can use it when sharing your episodes.

7. Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes for More Traction

You can create so much incredible content from a single podcast episode. For example, you can pull quotes from each episode and feature them on graphics (like I’ve done above). You could take a single Q&A and repurpose it into a short video (using a tool like Wavve) and share it all over social media. There are so many amazing ideas that you can incorporate into your strategy, so get creative!

8. Don’t Neglect Your Podcast Archives

If you’re only promoting your latest podcast episodes, you’re doing it wrong! Odds are, you have tons of incredible content in your podcast’s archives… So why aren’t you sharing them too? As you’re using Twitter to promote your podcast, dig deep into your archives to find older episodes to share. Think about what your audience would be most interested in listening to at this very moment and deliver it to them.

Make sure you’re also tagging any guests featured in the episode. This way, they’ll see your tweet and will be more likely to share it and send even more listeners your way.

9. Use Twitter to Find Potential Guests for Upcoming Episodes

Having a great guest on an episode can really generate a lot of traction for your podcast. First, there’s the attraction of the guest in general. But your guest will probably share the episode on his or her social media after the episode is live, sending a whole new audience your way.

You can find potential guests by searching relevant topics or hashtags to identify authority figures in the field your podcast covers. And you could even find some great guests through Twitter chats! Chats are a fantastic way to see some of the knowledge people have to share, which could help you find some very informative guests.

Once you’ve identified some people you might want to invite onto your podcast, use a Twitter list to keep them organized. Create a private list to keep track of potential guests so you can observe their content and really make sure they’re a good fit for you.

I have even more tips for using Twitter lists here.

10. Get Feedback From Your Audience

And finally, my last tip for using Twitter to promote your podcast is to get your audience involved. Let them feel like they’re part of the process because it’ll get them even more excited about your podcast and any upcoming episodes. And getting feedback from them is the best way to do this.

Ask your audience on Twitter what they’d like to see in future episodes. Are there any topics they’d love for you to cover? Do they have recommendations for potential guests? And what do they think about your current episodes? Are they too short, too long, or just right? Is there anything they’d suggest changing? It never hurts to ask! And taking some of their feedback into consideration could really catapult your podcast into an entirely new level of success.